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[Music]what is the past pact with anotheredition of Demi real gosh todayI’ll start with the st. Louis ribs yesthey’re also maple syrup or somethinglike that so I don’t know maybe notmaple syrup but maybe maple flavoring onthem so that’s very cool very cool soI’m going to show you guys what we’regonna season them with so I’ll show youguys we’re gonna do with them and getthem ready first things firstso want to start off with a little bitof olive oil first things firstno no no already wrong that is not thefirst thing to do okay not too much nowdon’t drench it and then we’re justgonna spread a spoon did you take themembrane no first things first we’regonna flip the ribs on the back sidehere and we’re going to take themembrane off so they make it look reallyeasy on all the YouTube videos andeverything but it gets kind of slipperyand nasty so I want to show you guyswhat I kind of do here it takes a hotSEC I mean alright once you get a nicelittle cut into it like that then youdon’t need a paper towel heal that babybag it’s not a good pool there that’snot a good pool you see the membranecoming off let’s try this againlet’s get a little deeper over here allthe way down this side of the bone atthe top here I think this might be themove and then we’ll go ahead and try tomove in from there all right membrane isremoved so next we’re gonna put on theolive oil I may or may have not I’vealready put the olive oil on the otherside but we’re gonna put a little bit oneach side here not too much now youdon’t want to get it too drenched andthen we’re gonna go ahead and spread itout with the spoon next our secondingredient will be some kosher salt fromour man Horton[Music]be generous don’t be afraid next blackpepper very simple[Music]and our final ingredient I’ve got someactual maple bbq’s since these are BB qmaple ribs so I figured it’d go verywell with them give them sweet keep themtasty fall off the bone hopefully so Iactually do have to pop the top on theseas it is brand newso I’m gonna put it very very generousamount very generous I mean because it’sthe back of it so you don’t I mean it’sall goodplus we’re very generous amount on thefront we’ll make sure we get the sideshere don’t forget about the sides a lotof people sleep on that cake Baker’s manso now we flipped over to the other sidewe have already put olive oil on thisside I do remind you of that and we’redo the same thing on this side saltpepper bvq rub[Music][Music]all right I think that is good on theroad we got a great amount on the bothsides as well as the sides so other thanthat fellas that is gonna be it for themarinating process I’m just gonna coverthis up with foil put it in the fridgeother than that all right Phyllis ohit’s a beautiful day outside I must sayrate during this whole coronaviruspandemic good to have a nice day out sothis is the supplies that we’ve got toget the grill going I don’t have one ofthose chimney things yet so I am gonnaunfortunately be using lighter fluid forthe kettle charcoal grill but this isall you really need and I got some woodchips over here I just soaked in watertoo so there should be pretty niceadding some flavor all right so we’ll goahead and let this fire get started sothe way we’re gonna cook these isobviously we’re gonna have a non heatside over here without the coals we’regonna try to slow cooking for maybeabout three or so hours you do probablywant to have the temperature around 250degrees and 194 when the ribs come offthe grill also I did want to put a waterpan drip tray under there but I did nothave one so I’m probably gonna end uphaving to spray the ribs mid grill maybeonce an hour with some water I don’thave any apple juice either so it’sprobably gonna have to be water to keepthem moistother than that excited man I’m gonnaalso make some potatoes too[Music][Music]hey I know you guys are probablywondering what’s going on here what ishe looking at I am actually grindingthese spotlight Sims on my phone so whatI’m doing is if you guys already followme okay you know I give him a huge leadover there inside on the game real quickand then I’m just kind of out hererunning out the clock I got the remoteplay going on the phone I’m justbringing the ball at the core wastingtime you know what I mean so I’m on thegrind I’m on the grindso bringing it up with Turk right nowthen I’ll go back in once it gets closeand I’ll take a lead again so that’skind of what’s going on in my worldright now all right guys so I’m going togo ahead and throw this on the grill I’mgonna put it over here on this side ofthe grill I’m not gonna sear it anythingI’m gonna like slow cook I’m also gonnathrow these wood chips on the coals solet me do that actually first all rightboy so now we’ve got our ribs on thegrill we’re gonna go ahead and put thison here and I’m gonna probably open thisbut close it a little bit as well andyou want that side on the meat side youwant it away from the cold so all thesmoke and flavor is going towards themeat so sorry it’s a little blurry myfault but uh yeah so now we’re justgonna pretty much probably wait about anhour and then we’ll come check on themboys it’s been about an hour so so we’regonna go ahead and put some water onthem they’re probably gonna be a littlebit dry so let’s check them out here I’mpretty excited and I got my trustytrusty water bottle you’re gonna spraybottle here and my son’s Captain Marvelor you know I’m saying all right let’scheck them out you can see the coming ina little bit I’m gonna turn these aroundI did definitely make a mistake I putthe wrong side of the meat towards thecause so I’m gonna put that right nowit’s a nice water autumn there so let meturn that around for the rest just rightso now the bums are this way I should dothat start it off so that’s just therookie mistake well hey guys I’ve gotthe potatoes about to go on let’s checkout the ribs really good guys reallygoodI’m gonna wrap them in some foil now andprobably leave them on for about anotherhour and then we’ll put barbecue sauceon them and leave them off like another45 minutesI wanna go get a few more things atcharcoal and just throw them in there iscoming up on almost our three the potatolooking nice and mr. left here and I’mgoing to put some barbecue sauce on theribs part of it 30 minutes or sooh yeah they’re looking really prime bythe way you can see the bone hopefullyyou can see thatyou just broke the bread all right so Idid break the ribs but do they arelooking so good it’s ridiculous only putsome sauce on them here[Music]for all these are gonna be so goodalright guys I think our work here isjust about donelook it they’ll pull back on these bombsman this is the best I’ve ever donepersonally I’m really really excited youknow they look like they’re on the phonefrom the part that’s kind of brokenright there dude oh my god thesepotatoes are coming along as well whoo Imight give them like just a couple moreminutes and then I’m ripping them off[Music]all right guys so real quick while thesepotatoes finish up on the grill I’mgonna chuck the part of the rib that’sactually broken dude they are fallingoff the bone can you guys see this oh mygosh there we go there we go focus upbrobro dude I’ve never made rid of thisdude ever they are falling off the bonefinally I got the perfect perfect way todo this fellas a few adjustments hereand there but dude I didn’t even eat itdude his falling off the bottom I’ve gotto cut it out alright guys in conclusionwith the ribs they were definitelyfalling off the bone so I’m reallyreally pleased with the progress on theslow cook so that was really nice but Iwill say they needed a little bit moreflavor they were a little bit dry so Idefinitely wishing I had that water panunder there I feel like that would havehelped so maybe next time we’ll have thewater pan for sure but other than that Igotta figure out how to get a little bitmore flavor onto them but they werestill really good man I’m really reallyhappy that they were just but other thanthat I will see you guys next timeplease drop a like on this video if youdid enjoy and other than that[Music]


  1. Don’t worry bro, took me a couple of grill sessions before i got my seasoning game right. Good vid

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