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Honey Garlic Pork Chops | Perfect Caramelized Glaze | Extremely Juicy | Ali In The Valley

Honey Garlic Pork Chops are incredibly tender and juicy pork chops coated in a sticky honey garlic sauce. If you’re looking for an amazing easy pork chops recipe , this is it!

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]like me I’m gonna you are funny veryfunny fun you’re funny okay don’t takeover my shelf okay it’s it is a Liat inthe valleyokay it ain’t all about Thailand no I’mjust joking welcome back to alley in thevalley I’m Allison Bob Kilmer and todayI have my lovely very tall tall Damis 60note son Tyler Kilmer and he I’m gonnateach him how to make pork chops soTyler and I did a video back what did wedo last time I don’t know we did someburgers beyond burgers but now we’regonna do pork chop steaks with all ofthese delicious items on hereawesome okay so the first things firstwe have to do with this pork chops Ilove a good pork chop they’re reallyreally easy to make okay yep so I’mgonna teach you how to make them and allwe need to do right now is put some saltand pepper on them they’re all shoes Idon’t want you to over salt them so letme do the salt okay really quickly soyou know you don’t want to over saltyou’re gonna do the other side tasteslike fish factly or else okay peppernext gently gently pepper very gentlyguys fast rails faster like that thereyou goyeah yes yeah there you go dump thisokay over thereyeah been this for this fellow yeah thenthe last fellow gets it okay good nowwe’re gonna turn them over and do thesame thing like pancakes on a stove yeahthere you go that’s good that’s gooddo you got this that shall do yeah yougot itthat shall do and then the last twofellows right here and then snows allover the town and then okay good allright so now we have our stakes race soour pork chops so now we have the porkchops salt and pepper we’re gonna takethem and put them on the cast iron witha little olive oil and we’re gonna addgarlic and some seasoned and some garlicbutter it’s really as simple as that ittakes about mmm total 10 to 15 minutesto cook really great pork chops on topof the stove all right delicious porkchops are gonna be cooked up on yeahthey gonna be good I can’t gonna beamazing Tylerhand me the olive oil mom don’t forgetdon’t forget about okay give me onesecond okay so let’s coat the pan yeswe’re gonna let this get a little hot ifwe put the meat in because the wholething about cooking pork chops andsteaks I think we just steaks too andburgers is you got to have what oliveoil to make it double and if I eat agreat piece of meat meat stream LehighHeat okay yeah so that’s what we’regonna do and the other thing is theother thing that’s super important wedon’t want to overcrowd the panall right so Tyler let’s see if they’recooked properly on this side okay so I’mgonna show you guys yeah first of allthat’s trueoh yes they are cooking hi we’re gonnaadd number that roasted garlic butter[Music]you use this more than anybody in thehouse I didn’t say this now we’re gonnalet these okay really high and then weare gonna take them out after they’recooked we’re let these cook a littlesizzle get really really well-cookedthen we’re gonna take the deglaze out ofthe pan and we’re gonna decrease the panand then we’re gonna put honey soy sauce[Music]everything else I have over theresoy sauce is gonna be the glaze we’regonna deglaze the pan and then we’regonna have a sauce a gladdie glaze saucethat goes on top of it okay so we’ll beback well cook for a couple minutes[Music]all right Tyler I’m gonna turn this downbecause it’s so high and it’s popping Iwant to take the pork chops off so wecan make that deglaze sauce okay sothese are looking pretty good right areyou gonna what yeah what I am gonna workwith just right now I’m gonna work withthese three but we’re gonna deglaze thepan so what I need you to do is I needyou to hand me the garlic these are fourcloves of garlic cut up yep so hand andthen hand me the honey okay so I’m gonnado about a tablespoon and a half ofhoney so we’re gonna do about this isgonna be our sauce that goes on top ofour pork chops okay honeythat’s about a tablespoon and a half nowTyler let me ask you somethingso how long do I have to cook the porkchops on each side but I don’t know if Isaid that I’m a long do you think likefive to seven minutes okay come in ifyou can thank you sorry sighs okay but atablespoon a tablespoon and a half okayI’m just doing it okay now Tami know theapple cider vinegar thank you about atable you found oh boy okay now hand memy seasoning right there[Music]yes can I have a clean spoon pleaseI like thank youyou’re really helping me I like this youknow why when you get a girlfriend youare not burntshe gonna be like this is how we equatethe penis so usually I have a woodenspoon but I can’t Oh what make it awooden let me grab one of these okaywe’re gonna do plays the pair now seethisthat’s called deglazing the pan whatyou’re doing is what we’re doing is I’mtaking all the part from the pork chopsand I’m scraping them up right andthat’s all the yumminess okay let’s turnit down a little bit it’s cooking fastokay so we’re deep glazed in the panyeah I’m gonna cook these later but justto show you what I’m doing I’m gonna addthe pork chop back into the sauce okaysee right and it’s gonna get all thatyummy juices right here okay and we’regonna let them sit in here for a coupleminutes and then I’m gonna turn them soboth sides get the juice right let’smove the herbs let’s do it again yeahare you ready to eat you sureI hated my taste test right okay and nowwe can do a little bit more herbs heresometime I love time that’s my favoriteyeah it is okay now guess who gets to dothe taste testyeah all right good all right let’s doit all rightso the pork chops are done and it’s timefor you Tyler to do it’s a fest yesso let’s try it here let me cut it foryou so this is kind of these pork chopsare a honey garlic or pork chopall right below don’t burn your mouth[Music][Applause]all right let me chase let me taste withthe sauce[Music]ha oh my godhmm high five yeah your mama can cookhuh no I know you all too wellmm-hmm so recipe you know where to findit ally in the I’m gonna giveme more ally in the if youliked this video hit the like buttondon’t forget to forget to subscribehoney garlic pork chops super tastysuper easy what took us how long to makethem 15 20 minutes yepYUM see you on the next alley and theback[Music]

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