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How to cook BBQ Ribs – Pork Ribs – Pit Boss Austin XL

These BBQ pork ribs came out fantastic on the Pit Boss Austin XL. It really allows you to do some low and slow bbq. The best part of it, you don’t have to manage fire, light charcoal, nothing just make sure it has pellets and your good. I used a mix of Hickory and Fruit blend from Pit Boss. I seasoned both ribs with Uncle Steve’s Shake Original and Spicy R, they are both really good blends and were really tasty with a sweet BBQ sauce. is where you can find this rub, for $6 a bottle you can’t beat it.

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Video Transcription

welcome back everybody in today’sepisode of cooking with Kirby we’regonna be smoking up some ribs on mybrand new pit boss Austin exhale ribsare probably my favorite thing to grillthat’s something that and chicken orsomething that I cook often those thatwas probably like the first thing that Istarted learning to cook when I got myfirst smoker a long long time ago andyou know what using this pellet grillmakes it really easy and that’s comingup since you here hit the like andsubscribe button and make sure that thenotification bell is rang check me outon social media that way you can get anotification of all my new recipes so Igot a couple slabs of st. louis-stylecut ribs actually just took some spareribs and trimmed them up I got theriblets cooking in a you know pot ofwater right now I’m gonna make sometacos with it so trimmed up I usuallyhave a membrane right here on the backyou want to make sure you remove thatthat’s not good eats you know it’s areal hard bite and when you try to youknow bite into it so get your napkin ripit off then y’all so I cut that littleflap right here and had some ribbing onthere that’s what I’m gonna be makingtacos with so we’re gonna go ahead andtake some mustard we’re gonna go aheadand lay down just a tad bit just for abinder all that mustard is for is justto make the meat tacky so that way therub can stick to it for the seasoningbut we’re going to be using today we’regonna be used using uncle Steve’s shapethis is the original I’m gonna be doingone rib with the original and the otherrib with the spicy art I’m reallydigging uncle Steve’s shapes ofseasoning I’ll leave the link in thevideo description and in the commentsection so that way you can you know seewhere its website I think it’s like fourbucks or five books about I’m sorry butit’s some really really good seasoning Igot a couple cooks coming with thisstuff here all right so just go aheadand give a nice coating of the uncleSteve shakealright go ahead and Pat down same thingon this one little bindernow the mustard is not gonna give it amustard flavor like I said it’s just toget the seasoning stuck onto the meatokay so for the top I’d like to go alittle bit extra because that’s whereyou’re gonna be you know getting all thepresentation from so I like to go alittle bit heavier on the seasoning ontop okay just go ahead and give it a patdown now any excess seasoning just goahead and just get it rub it on thesides so I’m gonna go ahead and seasonthe other rib and I’ll catch you guysoutside at the pit-bossnow when you first started your pit-bossyou’re gonna get some nasty smoke comingout so you want your your lid open forthis moment because once the fan kickson and everything is going it’s gonnajust blow all that out as you can hearthe the fan turned on this will prettymuch clear out[Music]and then I mean literally like this isreally really quick like less than aminute but once it clears out and yougot that clear blue smoke go ahead andclose it up and let it heat up all rightso once your grill is up to temp goahead and lay down your ribsyou want to make sure that you put yourfood right above the heat deflectorbecause the fat rolls down and that’ssomething that I learned I actually willput the food more towards this way andnow I got I ended up having a bunch offat in the bottom of the grill so keepthat in mind if you’re using this sohere’s the one that I seasoned with thespicy are gonna scrunch them up togetheras you can see our ribs are nice andsweated so for an in this setting we’regonna let this go for 30 minutesso piece 86 for 30 minutes so close itup and let it do its thing so afterabout 30 minutes we’re gonna change itfrom smoke setting to 225 degrees so thetemperature here this is the thermometerprobe that’s right here in the grill butthe smoke setting is actually like about185 175 it bounces back and forth afteryou know when it when it adds pellets sonow that we have it set to 225 we’regonna go ahead and let that grill cometo ten we’re gonna let the ribs cookfrom here on for another two hours andthen we’ll check on them to see if theparts set all right now that we have thepit-boss up to 225 degrees set a timerfor two hours that’s just something Ilike to do I’m just gonna let it youknow just cook for two hours and thenwe’ll check on it if you check on inevery hour you know you’re losing heatand you don’t want to do that just letit cook for two hours I’m gonna check tosee if the bark is set alright so afterabout two hours we’re gonna go to checkto see if the bark has set on the ribsoh yeah it’s it’s already safe so protip right there just let it do its thingfor the first two hours so we’re gonnago ahead and rotate the ribsall right half and half of apple cidervinegar and apple juicekind of soften up the bark a little bityou don’t want to get too dry on youall right everything’s looking goodwe’re go ahead and close it up and giveit another hourall right so for our third hours take alook all the ribs are looking they’relooking really goodgo ahead and spray it down starting todry up on meall right we’ve still got some ways togo so go ahead and close it up and letit keep doing its thingall right our number four all rightlooking pretty good just go ahead androtate thesealright go ahead and give it a spraythey’re looking pretty goodalright doing the bend test looks likeit needs a little bit more so we’ll letit just do its thingcheck back in another hour I’m reallydigging this pit boss it’s consistentheat and everything that I’ve cooked onit I’ve just had fantastic results butthese ribs are looking goodthe wood pellets that I’m using is a mixof Hickory from pit-boss and the fruitblend I bought a bag of each of that andjust mixed it together and keep it inlike you know five gallon buckets prettyeasy to handle you know I’m not out heremanaging any fire and messing with woodchunks and light and charcoal this issome easy cooking right here so we’repretty much almost done with the cook sowe got about two hours left I’d saymaybe maybe a little bit less just youknow depend on how those ribs cook we’rereally going by Phil I’m not gonna bewrapping how steady this is I don’t eventhink there’s a need to wrap so I’mgonna just let them cook and do theirthing and once it gets you know nice andtender you know then we’ll sauce them upalright so we got seven hours on theseribs let’s see how they came out I’mabout to sauce them upthat band right there okay the analogybehind this the band is to see how thethe collagen and the cartilage and andeverything on the rib is cooked if it’scooked you’ll get a bend you see thatokay that’s a cook rib right there checkthis one real quickthat’s one make sure this is done seeokay this was not bending this was notreadyall right this one’s a little bitthicker than that other one that’ssomething you need to look at to thedifference can’t bend it okay so thisone actually needs a little bit moretime that one’s gonna go a little bitlonger so uh yeah let’s lock this up soI’m gonna start off I like to start offwith the backfor the sauce I’m using today it’sliterally smoked barbecue sauce Memphisstyle sweet I wanted to try somethingdifferentso yeah this is this is a gonna beexperience so we’re gonna be trying thisout today so I heated it up a just a tadbit just to get it nice and runny it wasalready runny as it is but once I youknow put some heat on there go ahead andgive a slatherI was barbecue sauceall right so we’re gonna go ahead andflipall right so we’ll just hit the toplet’s go ahead and play nice coating ofthat barbecue saucenow that second rib right there itactually took a whole nother hour and ahalf to finish off so since this firstrib was done so we got it all soft stuffnow we’re gonna just close up the lidand let it cook for about another 20minutes just to get that sauce nice andsticky on the ribs all right so thisrack is ready so I gotta feed some kidsso I’m glad this one’s going becausethese are the ones that’s for them allright so we got the bone right there wewill just go ahead and find it yeahthat’s nice right there that biteperfect pull from your teethoff the bone that’s some good stuffright thereman look at that smoke ring we got anice smoke ring we got some tastybarbecue sauce on that rib these ribslook fantasticpitmasters privilege[Music]that sauce is really really good it’sreally really good and then this is thespicy version of uncle Steve shake thathas a really awesome flavor it’s tenderit’s pulled apart and I can go to thebone and have it clean but with noissues really really good if you’re newto my channel consider you the subscribebutton that we can see future videosjust like this I have these recipesthey’re really good you should try themout now y’all be beautiful and take care[Music]

8 Replies to “How to cook BBQ Ribs – Pork Ribs – Pit Boss Austin XL

  1. I remember the first time I cooked ribs, nobody told me I had to trim that membrane. Lol I also remember first time cooking shrimp my family and I were eating it and they asked me if I removed the black stuff. I said no. I didn’t know. Lol we were eating shit LMAO. I’ve learned a lot since then hee hee. Have a nice memorial day. Tomorrow my bf will bbq for us. Yum

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