BBQ Pork Recipes

How to cook Chashu | Barbecued Pork

Boston butt (Fläskkarre) 1kg
Pinch of salt and pepper

Soy sauce: See video
Japanese sake: See video
Mirin: See video
* Soy sauce : Japanese sake : Mirin = 3 : 1 : 1
** Amount of these are up to how big plastic bag you use. Important to dip the whole meat into the liquid above.

Ginger 2 table spoon
Garlic 2 table spoon

Hi everyone! My name is Yoshi!
We would like to tell you how we cook Japanese food, especially outside. But of course you can try this at home. Watch this video and make it by yourself! Feel free to ask me question in the comment!

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JFK Japan Food Kitchen AB

AM Cash & Carry


Original of the video here

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