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How To Make AMAZING Pork BBQ Skewers!!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys today we’re going to make porkbarbecue skewers so we’re going to startwith six pork loin debonedpieces and you’re going to cut them intocubes so these cubes are going to go onto skewers so you want them big enoughfor bite-sized pieces but that can alsofit on the skewersso now that we have the pork cut up intocubes we are going to take a mediumsized book and we are going to placethose cubes okay so now we are going toput in a tablespoon of Italian seasoningand so I didn’t actually have Italianseasoning so what we’re gonna do iswe’re going to make our own so firstwe’re going to have in 1 and 1/2teaspoons of dried oregano 1 teaspoondried marjoram[Music][Music]so that’s mighty spirits right rightright now we have one teaspoon of driedthymeand then after a teaspoon of dried thymeyou’re going to put in anyhow teaspoonof dried basil after our half teaspoondried basil equal cut half teaspoon ofdried rosemaryManaka not least a half a teaspoon updries state after we have that done I’mgoing to mix all of them when we mix itand actually brings out more of theflavors so it’ll taste but honestly it’salmost it’s almost just a tablespoon sowe’re gonna leave it in there okay sonow we’re going to have one and a halfteaspoons of sea saltafter 1/2 teaspoon sea salt we’re goingto have a half a teaspoon of garlic nowwe’re going to put base you’re going tosprinkle some parsley on don’t need thatmuch it is optional if you want to dofresh parsley instead I don’t have anyfresh parsley right now so we’re justgoing to use my droid and then we’regoing to put 2 tablespoons olive oilinto that[Music]you’re going to take onion we’ll mix itall up so you take it on you and you’regoing to cut it up into square pieces aswell and you’re not actually going tocut it into squares so it’s more likeslices like this because we’re gonnaactually just peel it off to make littlesquare pieces so we’re gonna stick thoseon the skewers to and the end pieceswe’re probably gonna cut in half just weneed to break those parts I’m just goingto separate the onion and break it inhalfif it’s largerokay now that we have all those spices Idistribute it throughout the mix treeyou can use spoons or Forks if you wantto mix it with that little stand withyour hands going to go wash my hands andthen we’re going to put them on skewersokay you’re gonna stick your meat onpieces you can let this marinate in thefridge if you would like to as well butwhen we ground up the spices it alsogives it the boost of flavor likemarinating wood[Music]okay so now that we have our skewer dugand also you can put onion betweenhowever many pieces you want it doesn’thave to be between every piece umbut make sure the leave spaces at theend if you didn’t just push it over takesome off so because we need to turn itmy barbecue so now I’m gonna zoomthrough the rest of them and you don’thave to follow any pattern you can putlike three peas in it one onion doesn’tmatter just do it you feel like right soI will see you guys when we know onething I did want to mention is we’rejust doing meat and onions here is Imight add a few veggies if you if wewant to but like you can put anythingyou want in these skewers it doesn’tjust have to be like onions and me putlike peppers mushrooms like whatever youfeel likeso yeah so this is it already and you’regonna just pre-heat your barbecue to 400degrees Fahrenheit and then we’re gonnacook them for about eight to ten minutesso about three minutes on three sides ofthe skewers yeah

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