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How to make Bun Cha? [grilled pork on charcoal]

Bún chả is special dish in Hanoi which make most people enjoy doesn’t matter ages or male or female. Smokey grilled pork, well marinate with fresh herbs, fresh noodle and yummy dipping sauce….Hope you can enjoy both in making and eating. If you have any question, don’t be heritage to ask! Chúc ngon miệng

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Video Transcription

well welcome to hidden undercookingcentral my name is Nikita and today I’mgonna show you how to make moonshine thevery popular dish in Hanoi would chidewe released an EP translate into Englishis pop a big plunge at home so we willstart talking about the ingredient youneed to good healthI’m the table to make a mean Jack weneed pop I have mints pop from the shutup heart to make me bow and I got thebacon from the belly to make a slide toBubba cute later for the minute I havelemongrass I have green onion shallotgarlic and chili for the seasoning I gotacross fish sauce coconut caramel honeysome cooking oil so and pepper for thefood apart you need to minced so todaywe show you how to make enough for from3 to 4 people to eat so it’s about 300gram of mean spot and then 300 gram ofproperly you can keep the skin on orremove the skin off it’s up to you buttoday we’re gonna remove the skin beforewhich is the barbecue the man net forthe meat we need to make paste and wegot lemongrass lemongrass is verypowerful ingredients in power countrycuisine before you make the paste youneed to chop the lemongrass and beforeeach other lemongrass you need to thiswill help the aroma extract betterno nicer yeah then you shut them verysmall I define a bell right from thebeginning to the the just near thelemongrass if you can use a whole stembecause it’s quite chewy at that at theend so you use on a play about threecentimeter on the top my way until youcould not see any purple color insidethen you could stop you put in here samewith shallot and garlic no mustard ashred more aroma and flavor and then youshove them small it depends on you ifyou like more shut up or more colleaguescan add more but this is son the rightamount to using for three and a drum ofBetty a potbelly and drama to the misspop at home if you have time you need tomarinate a the mid meats for like aboutthree to four hours like that this wouldwork and you put in heresee that’s okayyou put them in here along with aChili’s if you can get more spicy youcan add to Chili’s if you want to butfor Ares people like one she raisesenough I need to remove the seat insidethe chili so I gonna make a smallrollingthat’s my massage for chili and then tothe top and sweet among the peersso garlic shallot chili lemon grass alltogether and then we’re gonna make apaste that’s good okay the other placewe’re using too manyI’ll meet later to make a beautiful babykill from spring onion we only need tochop them small do not need to put themin the yeah in the most incarcerate andHammer themwe need to sly the meat so chew a pieceof belly part that the lien and the fatstick togethernot for apart then when you make itbarbecue it is nicer yeah I will needyou to slide the meat not so thin butnot thick yes so about about that yeahand put into the bubble at the end ofthe meat is a little bit difficult toslide them then you just move todifferent direction and anger and thenkanji chopping up the end so I have donethe meat and I’m gonna put them it’s allabout so we go have one bow for thebacon and one bow for me go yeahman it yeah so I would adding onetablespoon of fish sauce and this boatanother spoon of fish sauce on the otherand I’m gonna having honey 1 tbsp- tablespoon for the topping on one inhere and run in here and don’t forgetthe coconut creme area you can go to anyAsian store in your country and I feelready to buy this beautiful coconutcaramel to give our meats a lovely colorand a lovely tasteso remember fish sauce cooking I honeyand coconut ml one big a one tablespoonfor each pepper one teaspoon and adivine 1/2 happen here and happen heresalt flat spoon half in hereand have in here now the time for ourtest bed divine half and half and thenspin oniongive the bellies the bacon meet a nicemassage to let all of you know videosand spicy observing in the meat you seethe color beautiful and if you are hereto smell amazing later and remember cookthis in the fridge for like three tofour hours before cooking then you willhave a lovely chat so here we are toboth meet waiting ready for the barbecuelaterso here the meat that we have mana forthree and a half hours before I hope ifyou do the dish again if you have timethree to four hour man that is great butif you do not have time minimum you needto manage lemon for at least 30 minutesokay so now I’m gonna show you how tomove the above accumulate in my countrymaybe not the right very nice you knowright in my country we are the regularbed so they have a bit Gnostic to rightso it is one for the bacon and one forthe meatball so I say one full spoon upmeat and make a meatball[Applause]plus in herethe meatball neck knit around the timeto cook than the bacon so we can putthem stay away from each other a littlebit like thisPonta bacon we got is thin and it easyto cook it’s quite quick to cook soadvice to you when you place the meatinto the wreckdo not make any gap between them justmake sure there’s no gap between them sothe the front of the fryer gonna go inwith free and burn the edge and you donot want ever the burnt bacon realthere’s someone nectar another most waylook at is how I would like you to placeand meet in the right place no gapbetween them so we have one rekt ofbacon and people ready by the cube okaynow we’re gonna do the barbecue for ourchat okay see the fire on and rememberwhen you do reach out to me to do ittwice and the first time you do thebarbecue and you to cook them for likeabout 65% and then the second round up apiquillo which it to dry before meserving yeahthe smell of the public is so deliciousnowwe’re gonnaneed to make the fire no not not toostrong not not you know if you have tomatter fireyou gotta bother me so that’s why I haveto keep running like thisnow barbecuing and smokey they all smokecoming up yeah[Music]remember cook them about 60% done thenyou rest the meat on the side and cookagain when you’re ready to serve thatwould make the meat is there done lovelyright there to the point that at me sirnothing to tastepower of the missile beautiful now yeahit’s almost done almost into the Mountkeep an eye on the the meet make surethat none of them got burningso the same with the bacon yeah the meatwill need to cook twice make you twiceas wellone roughly and then a second timebefore servingwhen you see the mid go a little bitjust go and brow on the outside then youcan stop and let them it happen thattime to rest keep turning them side toside do not let them sit there books forso long and a burn illegal hear thenoise of the meat and then again thatacute lovely sound I tell youhey guys so dizzy the second time routethat I did the baby carrier he said thecolor so beautiful and the smell is soyummy now so this is the the final oneand it’s I’m about ready to bring it tothe house so we can prepare beautifuland lovely both will chat okayokay so we remove the meat right easilyso re you know let less than meat aboveyou[Music]yes some bigger as I show you how tomake in the video clip this is a dippingsauce I have been boiling we need toboil a sauce before we add into the meatto make sure let me stay hot let me haveitjust a little pepper to the test so okayhere we arethe popular moonshine in Hanoi sty withher spits brown some fresh Snoop DoggBoone and the barbecue pork good chapenjoy your meal and remember tosubscribe or like the video click onYouTube thank you very much

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