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How to make Char Siu – Cantonese roast pork at home – Very easy recipe

How to make Cantonese bbq pork – Char Siu at home.

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Video Transcription

hello millibar and welcome back foodlovers today we’re going to makeCantonese barbecue pork otherwise knownas char siew char siew literally meansfull cressid because the meat wouldtraditionally be skewered on long Forksand roasted in a fire or other don’tworry if you don’t have an open fire pithandy because this method works just aswell in another now let’s begin with alist of ingredientsthis recipe is enough for two people andyou’re free to increase the volume ofingredients if you want to make fourmore so the main ingredient is pork I’musing about 500 grams here try and get acut with some fat on it because it helpsto give the char siew some more flavorone tablespoon of hoisin sauce 1tablespoon of chassis and cooking winehalf a teaspoon of five-spice powder afew drops of red food coloring half ateaspoon of salttwo tablespoons of molasses molasses isa type of sugar and will help to keepthe pork a nice taste and shine youshould be able to get hold of it inhealth food shots some white pepper 1tablespoon of light soy sauce 1 clove ofgarlic 1 tablespoon of sesame oil and 2tablespoons of sugar and now onto themethod firstly we need to make up themarinade do this by mixing theingredients into a bowland stir them all together and now it’stime to marinate the meat ideally thecut of meat that you use should be aboutthree inches in diameter and it stripsluckily for me the meat that I boughtfrom my supermarket was already likethis but if yours isn’t then prepare itfirst by cutting into this shape thenplace the meat into a large bowl andpour the marinade on top make sure thatthe pork is cut all around in themarinade by using a spoonthen please some cling film or saranwrap on top of the bowl and leave in thefridge overnight after a few hours inthe fridge the meat will be properlymarinated in the mixture so we’re nowready to roast it place the meat on theroasting rack this will ensure that itcooks evenly on the bottom as well asthe topalso make sure not to throw away themarinade sauce that’s left over in thebowl pour about half a cup of water intothe resting tray underneath the rackwhat this will do is prevent any smokingin your oven from the dripping juicesand will help to keep your oven cleanerfor longer to roast the meat pre-heatyour oven to a fairly high temperatureabout 250 degrees Celsius and roast forabout 25 minutes[Music]after about 25 minutes take the pork outof the oven and give it a based in theleftover marinade sauce that you’vereserved make sure to turn the meat overso that you can base the underside aswell then place it back in the oven andcook for a further 25 to 30 minutesafter about 50 minutes also cooking timethe chassis will be ready leave it tocool for about 7 minutes or so beforeyou begin slicingso there you have it that’s how you makechar siew I’ve only shown you how tomake enough for two people or one personwith a big appetite you can of coursemake a big batch of it and keep theremainder either in the fridge or thefreezerciaossu is a versatile roast meat andyou can use it as a basis for otherdishes such as fried rice as today’srecipe is Chinese in origin I’m going toteach you how to say useful phrase inChinese and that useful phrase is askwhere is the bathroom so to ask where isthe bathroom you say seashell yeahzài nàli that’s sisha jay-z nollie Csharp G is the Chinese word for bathroomand Sai Nadi means where is so CJ yeahsai Navi means where is the bathroomthanks very much guys for watchingtoday’s recipe and see you in next video

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