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How to make Jamaican Ribs with Rum BBQ Sauce (Savory Sunday)

In this video is, How to make Jamaican Ribs with Rum BBQ Sauce on this savory Sunday. This is a Rum -Glazed Spare Ribs recipe, a fabulous and different way to make ribs. These ribs are marinated in a rum & with rum bbq sauce. Seasoned with a Spicy Jerk Seasoning

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Video Transcription

we are making Jamaican Reds with rumbarbecue sauce you need one rack of ribs3/4 pound cup of rum and 1 tablespoon ofjerk seasoning season with the drugseasoning marinade with the rum 1 hourovernight preheat oven 350 place yourribs in a roasting pan when 1/2 a cup ofrum cover it with aluminum foil bake ahour to an hour and a half or untiltender and season them in the jamaicanjerk seasoning now I’m getting ready tomake my barbecue sauce I like it quickand easy and this barbecue sauce iscoconut rum barbecue sauce so let’s getdown to it you’re gonna need you’regonna need one to two bottles ofbarbecue sauce a half of cup of coconutmilk you can use a little bit morecoconut milk if you’re trying to stretchit 1/2 a cup of rum I’m using coconutrum but you can use dark or spiced Ohsome barbecue sauce if you notice theygot me some Budweiser barbecue sauce andI’m gonna get ahead and add a little bitwith my coconut so that’s what we getready to do down then so for about 2pounds of ribs you’re gonna need onewhole jar of barbecue sauce you’re gonnaneed one whole can of coconut milk theyget preferably dark rum now with me thisis not 2 pounds of ribs this is aboutmaybe a pound maybe a pound and a halfso I’m cut in this recipe but in therecipe will be the full description soI’m gonna pour some of this in and youwant to mix itso I’m gonna mix coconut milk in Bakkesaucemm-hmm okay to take some of my barbecuesauce that’s still left in a jar I’mgoing to do is I’m going to put a littlebit of the ramenand to shake up and I’m all aboutsavingsshake up whatever barbeque sauce is allon the side you want to get all thatbarbecue sauce a fighter plus is a goodway to mix it now if you don’t likecoconut uh you just get you some regularkardi or dark rumwhatever rum you like and just don’t addany coconut if you taste this alwaystaste your food if you taste this andit’s a little too strong then just addsome more coconut milk if you’re notusing coconut milk then add a little bitmore of your barbecue sauce that you’vemade so now it comes down to dipping andbrushing now a lot of people just pouron the ribs I love to brush because Iwant it on each and every part of myribs I also want that jerk seasoning toget head and marinade with my barbecuesauce now remember we’ve already cookedthe ribs already is some room so thisdish is not for childrenit can coconut ribs mom back in the ovenfor about 10 minutesyummy yummy for my tummy

16 Replies to “How to make Jamaican Ribs with Rum BBQ Sauce (Savory Sunday)

  1. A great recipe CJ,God bless you this Christmas season with love 💖🐩🐩💖🐾🐾👍👍💓💗💕🎄🎅🦌🇬🇧

  2. Sis you are a cooking soul I would love to have a great meal prepared by you 😋🍽yummy thanks for sharing 🍯🐝

  3. Beautiful video my friend! I pour a little vinegar in my sauce bottle I ain’t leaving nothing in there, lol… The ribs look amazing! .I have really enjoyed watching your videos and cherish your continued support as well, Happy New Year love!

  4. Wow ! This is Soul Food….The Rum is what I will love…This will blow my friends away and amaze them.. Imagine this for Christmas dinner..A year to remember…Spicy Merry Christmas!🎁🎄❄️ 🎄⛄️🎅🏻 to you and family. LIKE 3

  5. I’m heading to the liquor store to get whiskey. Now I have an excuse to buy rum too! 🤣 Merry Christmas to you and your fur baby!

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