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How to make juicy Pork tenderloin

Pork tenderloin
Garlic clove
Mrs dash original salt pepper garlic powder parsley flakes all spice or
Chinese five spice 1 teaspoon
1/4 teaspoon sesame oil
1/2 cup peach preserves
1/3 cup apple sauce
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 bottle oyster sauce
1 bottle hosin sauce
2-1/2 Tbls red food coloring or beet juice
Hot water
1/2 cup up to 1 cup sugar optional
Sase seeds for garnish
Parsley for garnish
God bless enjoy😊

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everybody everybody I’m backeverybody TV youngest back and I’m backwith yet another amazing recipe I am soexcited today because today at theYoung’s house Jeannie Young is going toshare with you all how I make an amazingpork tenderloin have you ever had onebefore you are in for a treat becausethis recipe is so easy and if you make aJeanie young style it’s gonna be sotasty here the lovely ingredients youwill need you all never had my porktenderloin before you better make yousome here’s what you’re gonna need righthere we have some beautiful porktenderloin and I was able to purchasethis at Walmart it comes in one packageand it looks like it’s just one meatbecause these are packed really tightlytogether but when you open them you havetwo beautiful pork tenderloins so youwill need that you’re gonna need somefresh garlicyou will need apple sauce this isunsweetened applesauce if you don’t haveapplesauce and you have an apple sittingaround or a pear that will be fine allyou have to do with the Apple is justcut it up in small pieces or you can uselike a blender to blend it up as samewith your pear and what the apple saucethe apple or the pear would do is makeyour meat really nice and tender okay soyou’re going to need some groundallspice we have some sugar and redpepper flakes we have some mango andpeach preserves here we also have somelovely honeyyou will need sesame oil oyster saucehoisin sauce and soy sauce now over herewe have some spices that we’re going torub onto our beautiful pork tenderloinokay so we have original blend mrs. dishwe have some lovely parsley flakesgarlic powder and salt feel free to useany kind of salt that you wantto use I’m going to use the pinkHimalayan today and we have this herered dye and I’m going to share with youall what we’re going to do special withthis and why we’re going to use this nowif you’re that person because a lot ofpeople have an allergy to the red dyenumber 40 if you have an allergy whatyou will do is you will get some freshbeats and you’ll boil them until you canget that beautiful beet juice water andyou’ll use that and replace of the reddye or if you can just get a can ofbeets and use that juice instead here ina second I’ll be right backokay everyone let’s talk about our meatso now my meat has been sitting out ofthe refrigerator for around about 45minutes what you want to do is you wantto take all of that chill off of themeat because if you think you’re gonnatake that meat right out of therefrigerator throw it into the ovenguess what’s gonna happen it’s gonnaseize up because it’s so cold and you’llhave some dried meat so let the chilloff let it kind of relax for a littlebit alright so now the first thing thatwe want to do is we want to make thisamazing sauce it’s kind of like abarbecue sauce somewhat of a barbecuesauce but it is a marinade and it’sgonna give this pork tenderloin someamazing flavor all right I did somethingsimilar a similar sauce when I made myshot so don’t quote me when I say thisguy sour sweet and you all can you knowtell me if I’m saying it wrong I made myChinese pork not the Chinese pork ribsbut I made my Chinese pork the char Suiand it turned out absolutely amazing soI have some of the similar ingredientsbut not all of the same ingredients andI used a pork shoulder and it wasabsolutely amazingall right so now here’s what we’re gonnado let’s start on our marinade so we’regonna put this unsweetened apple sauceright into the bowl just like so Lennysaid if you don’t have applesgrab you an apple grab you a pear pureeit up and throw it in it definitely getsto meet nice nice nice and tender we’regonna use some red pepper flakes youdon’t have to use them okay just alittle bit to fill a bit of heat we’regonna try to knock anybody socks offokay all right and then we’re gonna goin with some sesame oil be careful whenyou all are using sesame oil becausesesame oil can be very very pungent youjust need a little bit a little bit ofthis goes a long way trust me when Itell you this okay so you can see thatright there that’s all we’re gonna needfor the whole marinadenow this right here we’re gonna use allof that beautiful oyster sauce I know alot of you tell me Gina I am allergic doI have to use it no you don’t have touse it if you’re allergic to oystersauce just skip it and the whole recipeand guess what it’s still gonna bedeliciousnow as far as the ingredients I’m gonnagive you the ingredients in thedescription below and I’m gonna let youknow exactly how much of everything thatyou’re gonna need for your recipes rightnow I’m just kind of eyeballingeverything because I know how much Ineed for mine okay all right so let’sget this in if I can open it come on tome you can open it he’s my handy dandyknife that’ll do the trick all right andthis is really thick its tasty as wellit kind of reminds you of the black soysauce or your voice tur sauce but it’sso delicious the bottle okay and we’regonna use soy sauce and a nice amount ofitthat’ll do the trick we’re gonna go inwith some sugar I’m gonna start off withthis much and then I’ll give it a tasteand see if we’re happy with the flavorwho are happy with the flavor then we’llmove on if not we might need to add alittle bit more all right so let’s grabsome allspice if you have Chinesefive-spice then I highly suggest thatyou use Chinese five-spice for somereason honestly I have not been able tofind Chinese five-spice anywhere at anymarket that I’ve went to so I don’t knowwhy all right we’re gonna give this anice whisk we are gonna put some freshgarlic in and we are gonna put ourpreserves in but I do want to give thisa whisk and you kind of want to whisk itup until your sugar starts to turnsilent the sugar will eventually startto dissolve just take your time and bepatient now I highly suggest that whenyou marinate your pork tenderloinmarinate it for several hours I highlysuggest that you can marinate yours forsix hours or more but if you don’t havethe time two hours if you have two hoursyou know try two hours all right but youdon’t want to do it for a half an hourit just won’t turn out its best allright overnight is amazing if you canalright my sugar is starting to get niceand silent I’m happy with that I do wantto grab a spoon so we can put ourpreserves in we’re gonna chop up thisgarlic and put this garlic in as well solet’s scoot this aside I’m gonna givethis a nice whack with the side of myknife just to take the skin off and tohelp the chopping process see how theskin comes off really easy if not you’regonna be peeling for days trying to getthat skin off you hear meyou better believe you will so just giveit a nice whack it’s up to yourdiscretion how you decide to chop upyour garlicI’m just kind of gonna do a rough chopbut I do want smaller pieces all rightjust like so run my knife through acouple of times you don’t want hugepieces of garlic in this if you wantedto you can use a little bit of gingerright that garlic is perfect it’s gonnalet off an amazing flavor in the softhere crank it right in thereoh yeah this right here is flavortownfor real you talking abouta pork tenderloin that’s gonna have somuch flavor when you’re making Torktenderloin or pork tender or pork loinyou want to season it you want to seasonit it’s definitely a meat that needs alot of seasoning okay let’s grab a spoonhere and we’re gonna get some of ourpreserves all right right in there it’sgonna give an amazing flavor we want toreally give this a nice whisk just likeso oh yeah and it smells amazing rightnow and I’m also gonna give this a tasteand see if I’m happy with the flavor youcan hear that the sugar is nice andsilent now that’s what you want youdon’t want to put your pork in herewhile your sugar is still crystallizedbeautiful let’s grab something so we cantaste this with I’m gonna go right inthis way see if I’m happy like I have totaste this look at this guy’s mmm Ohmm-hmm amazing that’s really good now inwith our dye like I said if you’re thatperson that doesn’t want the dye oryou’re allergic to it get you some beetjuicegoing in with my spoon and we’re gonnado two and a half tablespoons of the reddye the red dye is gonna turn your porka nice beautiful color but that’s whatI’m looking for you know some of youmight not like that color but Iabsolutely adore it I live for the colorthat I achieve when I use the red dyeand my family loves it it makes it soappealing other than you know sometimesyou can make a pork loin or a porktenderloin and it’s kind of grayish canin color or kind of dull brown it justdoesn’t have the best color put you somered dye or some beet juice you’re gonnahave an amazing color you hear me allright beautiful I highly suggest thatyou use a glass bowl like I’m usingbecause guess what if not you’re gonnadie your bowl especially if you’re usinga plastic bowl you can see thatbeautiful color that we’re getting righthere that’s the color you’re wanting allright now it’s time to step in over herewhere our pork loin is we want to seasonup our pork loin let’s season it up withsome mrs. – don’t be afraid to seasonand these seasonings will go into themarinade which is amazing that’s finedon’t worry about that and everything’sgonna marry together and make amazingflavors that garlic powder even thoughwe put fresh garlic in there put yousome garlic powder on absolutely salt isneeded I’m gonna use some pink Himalayansalt just like so we’re gonna turn thisbad boy over in this manner I’ve washedmy pork tenderloin off with a little bitof lime juice salt in cold water andthen I pat dry my pork tenderloinI had some fact that I needed to cut offso I did that before we started tapingall right can we go with these beautifulseasonings and then this is gonna goright into our beautiful marinade Idon’t have my black pepper out but itlooks like I need to grab it I cannotfinish this dish without black pepperI’ll be right backokay everyone so now what we’re gonna donow that our beautiful marinade is alldone here’s what we want to do and we’velet the spices kind of soak down intothis meat for around about 12 minuteslet’s take this beautiful tenderloinhere we want to get it inside of themarinade now you can keep yours in aglass bowl if you like or you can put itright inside of one of these backs I’mnot going to eat normally I would usethis bag but I didn’t purchase thesefacts evidently my dad purchased thesebags when he was here and they’re toosmall so we’re not gonna use them if youhave a big enough bag you said all rightso we’re gonna get this down in here andwe’re going to take this marinade and wewant to make sure that this beautifulpork tenderloin is fully coated in thisamazing marinade and we’re gonna letthis marinate for several hours andafter several hours I’m gonna come backand share with you all what we’re gonnado next because we’re going to sear thisoff we’re gonna wipe away some of themarinade that’s on it we’re gonna searthis off to get a beautiful golden browncrispy outside that way we can trap allof that lovely juice on the inside andthen we’re gonna bake it off and we’regoing to use this right here to cook itoff we have a cooling rack and then wejust have a baking sheet aligned withaluminum foil okay because this saucecan get kind of stayand it can burn and we don’t want it towe want the drippings to drip throughthese holes and stick down there andthen it’s going to be a really cleanhe’s a really easy cleanup because we’lljust pull this off and we’re not gonnahave to scrub for days be back after Imarinate this to everyone now it’s timewhile our pork marinades now it’s timeto show you how I make a beautiful glazeand the glaze is tasty okay so here’swhat we do we’re gonna take regularhoney get that honey in there and we’regoing to base this honey all over ourpork tenderloins but the key is put youa little bit of hot water in it to thinit out a little bit let me grab a whiskokay everyone so now we’ve put water inwith the honey hot water you want towhisk it up until it gets nice and thinand you’re gonna have an amazing glazethat we’re going to based on our porktenderloins probably every 10 minutesand by doing this you’re gonna have areally beautiful glossy pork tenderlointhat’s gonna have that red sheen to itit’s just gonna be so lovely it’s sobeautifulyou almost don’t want to eat it but Itell you one thing that first bite isgonna be absolutely amazing once youtake one bite you’re they’re gonna stopyou don’t want to stop eating this dishokay a little bit of hot water thin yourhoney now let me show you theconsistency that it should be see thisit’s not really thick but it’s thickenough to give us a beautiful gloss justhoney in hot water it’s gonna do thetrick it’s amazing if you want anythingto be glossy whether it’s a pork chop apiece of chicken a piece of Turkey trythat honey glaze in your set okayeverybody now I want to do correctioncorrection correcton the name we were earlier we weretalking about how I have a recipe that’sreally similar to this recipe but it’snot the sameit’s called char siew I think no soonerthat I got right back on the camera Iliterally forgot I think that I’m sayingit right now let me know in the commentsection below but we do want to when wemake our pork tenderloin you want to usea leave-in thermometer and what you’regonna do if this is your pork tenderloinyou want to put that thermometer in okayyou want to put it in and you want thethermometer to be facing towards youroven door so you can peek in that ovenand see the temperature and thetemperature that we’re looking for forthat pork tenderloin is gonna be 145 145is gonna give you that perfect porktender love Lori that is not gonna dryoutit’s gonna be nice and juicy and when wetake it out we’re gonna let our porktenderloin rest it has to rest becauseif you cut into it right away what’sgonna happen is all of those beautifullovely juices that you work so hard forare gonna come running out onto yourcutting board and we don’t want that sowe’re gonna let our meat rest for aroundabout 20 minutes but they aluminum foiltint on it and then I’ll bring it up tothe temperature of 150 okay and that’llmake that perfect well done but notoverly cooked pork tenderloin okayeveryone our meat has marinated foraround about three hours okay so nowhere’s what we’re gonna do we are leftwith this lovely marinade here and we’renow gonna throw this marinade away we’regoing to bring this marinade up to aboil so we can get rid of the bacteriathe bacteria comes from the raw meat butif you bring it up to a boil you can useit to baste it on your meat during thecooking process or you can use it as asauce on the side you know for yourfamily members kind of like a greatB or a a barbecue sauce on the side butyou must make sure that it comes up to aboil and then just kind of let it simmerfor a little while and it’ll be justfine okay so save this all right we haveour lovely glaze here that we’re goingto use later we have our oven preheatedto 425 degrees and guess how long we’regonna cook these only 25 to 30 minutesshould be the cooking time it doesn’ttake long for these to cook they’re nota huge piece of meat all right so whatI’ve done you can see that I have takenoff this was much darker I have used apaper towel and Pat dry this beautifultenderloin and I put a little bit of oilall over everything because we don’twant for that red dye to go all over theplace I’m gonna be a nervous wreck if Ihave red dye on my counter or mybeautiful cutting board so you cover itup all right here’s the Tenderloinremember to Pat it dry or if you don’tyou won’t have a beautiful sear on yourmeat and can you hear that noise thatnoise right there is what you want to dowhat you want to hear if you’re tryingto get a beautiful sear onto your meatand what the sear will do will seal inthose beautiful juices into this porktenderloinjust like so so I have a large pan hereand we’re going to get a nice beer oneach side of this pork tenderloin stillin those juices you’re gonna haveamazing pork tenderloin pork tenderloindoes not have to be dry and if you makea teeny young style it’s gonna be sotasty trust me when I tell you this sonow I’m just gonna fold up my foil justlike so in this manner and hopes thatnothing is on my calendar oh thank thegood Lord you know I’m gonna be honestwith you guys this recipe is so easy andso much fun I hope that you all make itfor your family and friends and lovedones and come back and let me know whatyour family thought okay everyone youcan see that we have some sear on to ourbeautiful meat see that right therethat’s what you’re wanting beautifulcolor now come over this way let’s putthese bad boys in the oven 425 degreesis gonna do the trick in the middle rackall right 25 to 30 minutes but here’swhat I’m gonna do I’m not gonna forgetwhat my handy-dandythermometer right in just like so okayand I want to put it in to where I cansee what the temperature is doing we’llcheck on it and when it’s at 145 we’regonna take them out and you’re gonnahave some amazing pork tenderloin do theyoung staff everyone so we have oursauce right here in our pan and I’mgonna bring this sauce up to a boil as Ispoke about earlier right that way wecan cook away the bacteria from the rawpork you’d be able to use this as adipping sauce once it comes up to a boilwe’ll turn it down so it can simmer andwe’ll just let it simmer until the porkis done let’s make our way over toPrince and Polo Prince and polo are herein the kitchen you all lacs about themon a daily basis here they are let’scheck in on themhere’s friends here’s Prince right herehas a carrot for you sweetie pie here’sa carrot for youboopy boopy care principle I’ll have acarrot they’ve been such good boystoday they’re in the kitchen just kindof watching and hanging out with metoday everyone so now that this has comeup to a boil you can see where it’sboiling let’s make our way over to theoven we want to open up the oven doorreally quickly and we want to pour someof this lovely marinade all over thepork okay let’s make our wheel just likeso can I open the oven door I’m gonnagrab a pot holder and I want to takesome of this lovely marinade and we’rejust gonna put it on we want to kind ofdo it quickly okay do it quickly getthat beautiful sauce on there that’sgonna give this that umami factor whomake them say oh my when they eat thisyou hear meit’s gonna be good it’s gonna bebeautiful it’s gonna be tasty let itkeep cooking until this temperatureturns to the correct temperature andI’ll be back everyone so while ourbeautiful pork tenderloin loin hascooked I did go in two more times and Itook this lovely sauce right here and Ibasted it all over our beautiful porktenderloin now it’s time to put thisamazing honey glaze onto the meat ourmeat is almost done let’s go and rightnow let me see what our temperature isreading our temperature is reading 142we went it to 145 and we’re gonna takeit out it’s gonna be nice and perfectokay so let’s do this all rightI want to do this quickly because Idon’t want to release too much of theyou know the heat that’s in my oven Iwant to get a nice amount of this honeyglaze all over the pork so we can havethat nice shine that we all loveall right here in a few minutes we’regonna say a prayer you all are gonna getthat first bite you’re gonna get to tryJeanne young style pork tenderloin it’seasythank you some okay everyone it has been32 minutes and our pork tenderloin hasreached the temperature internaltemperature of 145 now we let it restlet me grab some foil I’ll be right backour meat rest you want to put a foil tipon and what the foil tip will do is thisgonna keep that lovely heat inside okayno juices are gonna run out becausewe’re not gonna cut into it right nowyou have to let your meat rest itdoesn’t matter what meat it is whetherit’s turkey whether it’s chicken or beefyou let it rest so the juices canredistribute back into the protein it’sgonna stay nice and juicy so now here’swhat we’re gonna do let’s take the foilandall right I’ll take another piece youdon’t want to close it so tight where itstarts to steam up okay just a niceloose tint will do the trick if you allenjoyed this video give me a thumbs upand if you haven’t subscribed make sureyou subscribe make sure you click onthat notification bell so you can benotified every time teenage younguploads one of these awesome recipes soyour family and friends and everybodyyou know who we’re at about Tina youngand what I’m doing in this kitchen on adaily basis absolutely everyone take alook at this beautiful pork tenderloinit’s rested for around about 15 minuteswe’re gonna slice down into it but firstI want to say a lovely prayer HeavenlyFather we thank you for today and forevery day Lord we thank you for yourlove time your mercy and yourunderstanding please forgive us for oursins come into our hearts we make youour Lord and Savior send your angelsdown to surround to stay at night inyour Holy Spirit to help us make gooddecisions give us peace of our mind aname in the name of Jesus we bind thedevil away from us in Jesus name devilyou have no authority over this familyhere in Jesus nameHeavenly Father we thank you for theroof over our head the food the love thepeace and the joy that you bring usevery day Lord we thank you for thatamen let’s dive in let’s go now it’stime to cut all right now watch this Iwant you to see just how beautiful thisis gonna be inside in the beautifulcolor that we’ve achieved by using thatamazing red dye keep in mind you don’thave to use red dye if you don’t want tofeel free to use the beet juice look howbeautiful and just how amazing you canslice this nice and thin slice it howyou like but make sure you tin it andyou let it rest let’s take a piece outright now so y’all can see just how doyou see this is look at this now I’mgonna squeeze it and I want you all tolook right here and tell me if you seejuicecan you all see that tell me that youcan see juice this is what it shouldlook like oh when you make it GinaYoungstownit’s gonna be amazing trust me I’m justwiping off my hands here we’re gonnacontinue to slice these amazing porkloins you all can make it as well andit’s gonna turn out exactly like mine’swould trust me when I tell you this ifyou follow the directions you’re gonnahave an amazing beautiful pork loin porktenderloin I know I keep saying porkloin but there are two different thingsthis year that we made todayis the pork tenderloin all right let meshow you another piece look at thisoh-ho look at that look at that rightthere my goodness that’s nothing butamazing beautifulness is that a wordbeautifulness it’s gonna be a word todayI’m gonna plate this up and I’m gonnagive you all that first bite be rightback all right everybody a man to mybeautiful prayer if I didn’t already sayAmen let’s dive in I’m going in look atthis look how beautiful this is sobeautiful it’s gonna be so tender andyet so tasty but it was so easy to makegreat all right let’s go in I’m going infor this piece right here this piece iscalling my namelook at that look just how beautiful andlook how amazingly moist that is you seewhen I squeeze it watch right thereOh neat baby whoo-whee look at that justpulls apart like butter you all try thatpiece try this let me know what youthink about this right here in thecomment section below I’m going inlook how tender my goodness I’m kind ofjust savoring the moment here I’m goingin for another piece like honestly Ifeel like once you get started with thishere recipe you’re not gonna be able tostop look I’m like I didn’t even need aknife it’s like butter it’s amazing it’sjuicy and so delicious give me a thumbsup guys and as always god bless each andevery one of you thank you all forwatching good night mmm that’s so good[Music]

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