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How to make smoked CHAR SIU (Chinese BBQ Pork) | Camp Chef Pellet Grill + Smoker|

Using a smoker, I show you the simple and hassle-free way to make such tender, moist, pasture raised Char Siu in 3 easy steps.

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Video Transcription

welcome to easy meeting meals I’m Emilysleepin drunk and in today’s episodewe’re gonna be making some char siew orChinese BBQ pork for this char siewrecipe I’m gonna be using my Camp Chefpellet smoker but if you don’t have oneyou can always use your oven theingredients you’re going to need aresome pork of course now usually peopleuse pork shoulder or pork butt becauseit’s fattier but I didn’t have any leftin my freezer so I’m gonna be using apork leg roast from my whole hog that Ipurchased a few months ago the rest ofthe ingredients we’ve got an array ofstuff you’re going to need so naturallybrewed soy sauce Chinese swine somehoisin some honey some molasses somewhite pepper pepper sesame oil somecloves of garlic and you can’t forgetthe main ingredient here Chinesefive-spice so the first step is tomarinate the pork but first we’re gonnabe cutting this up into slices so thisis a 15 pound pork leg so the pork legis literally the back leg of a hog butpork butt is actually not the but it’sactually the shoulder of the pig so thedifference with the cuts is pork butt orshoulder is going to be a lot fattierthroughout the meat so you can see herethis is usually cured and it becomes aham but we’re gonna be using it for charsiew so we got this nice fat cap now I’mjust going to there’s actually a bone inhere but I’m actually just gonna try mybest to cut around it I actually grew upeating char siew like after I would getout of school like in elementary schoolmy dad would stop by BBQ Unlimited whichis like this Chinese restaurantlike ducks roasted ducks hanging and thecharts do hanging and then we would justorder it and I would just eat that withwith rice so it’s a really fond memoryand I love it because you can eat itwith many many things and it elevatesyour pork game I love the flavors thatare in this recipe so I’m just goingaround the bone okay so we’re justcutting into strips here most pork buttspork shoulders pork legs that you findout your local grocery store is gonna beboneless anyways but if you happen tohave a whole hog the bone might be in itso we’re just gonna go around this alittle bit I’m actually just gonna keepthis on and I’m gonna roast it like thatalright so we just cut up the pork nowlet’s mix the marinade together so thecool thing about this recipe is for themarinade you can really just eyeball itand just splash stuff here and there solet’s get it togetheri minced up the garlic about four tofive cloves we’re gonna dump it right inthere and then we’re gonna add a coupletablespoons of soy sauce that was abouthalf a cup a splash of the chinese winenow I’m going heavy on the hand herebecause I’ve got 15 pounds of pork Ineed a marinade got my molasses I needto get a knife for this or a skinnyspoon a couple tablespoons of nicemolasses for that smoky molasses aflavor okayhoisinabout three to five tablespoons herecouple splashes of sesame oil some honeyto sweeten it up I would say about oneto two tablespoons there the whitepepper that’s brought lys Chinesefive-spice now we’re going to whisk itall together with that pepper went up mynose get that and then I’m gonna putsome salt in here as well so the pork isnicely flavored I would say about one totwo tablespoons stir that up oh my godand smell so good the molasses in theChinese five-spice love it okay got thatall togetherI’ve got a few Tupperware’s to marinatethe meat in I’m just gonna throw the bigones in there we’re gonna pour marinadehere stuff more into it[Music]now we’re gonna cover the meat up letthese marinate overnight in the fridgeso it’s the next day and I’ve marinatedthe pork overnight now I’m outside andI’ve got my camp chef woodwind pelletgrill and smoker preheated already – Iput it at high smoke 220 right now it’sat 220 for this is such a cool devicebecause oh follow me herethis is such a cool device because it’lltell you the temperature of the insideof the smoker so the first thing Ialways have to check is the hopper havea look here the hopper is halfway fullso because this is gonna be quite a longsmoke I want to make sure that my hopperis full so I’m gonna get some applepellets and pour some insmoking pork you want to use apple orcherry those are the ideal types of woodyou want to use for that type of meatalright so that is full okay so I’mgonna open this up the first thing whensmoking meat this Camp Chef would winpellet grill and smoker can actuallycatch the grill of the grease and it’lldrip down and it’ll actually go intothis bucket but I actually like usingthis so I can just take it out and cleanit up so I don’t have to have more partsto clean so I’m gonna pop that in thebottom and to avoid the grease thatdrips from smoking or burning I’m gonnaput some water in there so I’m gonnapour some water in the pan there we goand I’ve got my marinated meat here lookat thatalso when I actually took the meat outearly so it can get to room temperatureso it’s ready for smoking oh my god itsmells so good I’m going to place itright on this top rack hereyou want to try your best to get ifthere is a site that has fat you want todo fat side up so it drips down dripsand surrounds the rest of the meat placethis one like so try to make it stand upcan you see that get tight whoop Ididn’t cut this best but I’m gonna tryto keep it standing up if not sidewaysit’s just gonna work just as fine okaywe’re at the other container oh yeah youcan see how much the color has changedand the marinade has really sunken inovernight I’ve got this big baby withthe bonethat’s like soso you can see it’s already dripping onthe pan so it’s easy cleanup thereokay about the last piece heremake sure it’s right under the meat andthe cool thing about this Camp Chef isthere’s a temperature probe instead ofcontinuing to check when it’s done youknow once it hits 160 it’s finished soI’m gonna actually poke this throughwe’re gonna plug it in I’m gonna showyou how it works actually so it goesthrough let’s have you go around mewe’re gonna put it through this littlehole Boop and I’m just gonna put it inthe closest one to the hole so it’ll bepretty close to when we know when thisone is done the rest of the meats shouldbe done I’m gonna put it long ways okayso we’re gonna close it up I’m gonnashow you how this works so the coolthing with the Camp Chef get closethere’s two probes if we had twodifferent types of meat going on there’san X probe and a Y probe I put it in theY probe so if you click the probe temphere that’s X we want to go to Y itshows that the meat is at 73 degrees soI did bring it to room temp and now wejust wait until the Y probes the Y probesays 160 degrees and that’s when I’llknow it’s done the char siew is almostdone so now I am simmering the marinatethat I used for the pork and I’m gonnabe simmering it for five minutes to killoff any bacteria from the raw porkso the char siew has reached 160 degreeswhich took about four hours in thesmoker I’ve got my boyfriend Cody hereto taste are you readyare you hungry waiting how many hours nowhat did you just say six hours fourhours five hours a long time it justlooks it’s like glisteningyou know what I mean like it’s beautifulI must say and you can really smell thefive-spice so I’m gonna slice this upit’s actually ND get tight here on howmoistthat looks it’s like pink inside this isBerkshire hog from covenant pasturespasture-raisedone of the best breeds everyes and I actually I simmered themarinade a little bit so I’m actuallyjust gonna top it off I’m not gonna puttoo much well actually let’s even try itwithout at first how about that hereCody sounds like a good ideaokay so there’s some cuts with fat andwithout some them yeah go for it stillmoist you get that smoky flavor but it’snot overwhelmingly smoky that make sensejust to write them up much better moreflavorful when you add sauce to it stillgreat without so I I mean I was tellingyou guys this was something I grew upeating that my dad would buy at barbecueunlimited and I would eat it at Chineserestaurants as well but I must say myrecipe I mean cooking Liz is like 10times better than outside so I love it Imean you can eat this with rice ornoodles or just plain or with someveggies it’s it’s definitely with thesauce this is just a great go ahead it’sa great entree or appetizer or snackcheers Cheersso there you go you saw how easy themarinade was I mean it seemed like a lotof ingredients but it’s so worth itputting it all together I mean it’s youcan keep it in the pantry none of thatstuff is really gonna go bad so anytimeyou want a marinade some pork and makechar siew or Chinese barbecue porkyou’ll have everything all ready to go Ithink it would be really really cool tohave this in one of those newdishes yeah this is just right thetraditional egg noodle dishexactly so char siew definitely workswith using a pork leg as well if youdidn’t have pork butt or pork shoulder Iwas thinking that pork leg might havebeen too lean within the muscle butbecause it has that fat cap the fat wasable to render all around the meatwallah was smoking under that really lowheat give props to camp chef yes productif you have an opportunity to get asmoker just the best it’s awesome soeasy to use I literally I mean I put itin the smoker I actually went to go playtennis that’s why I’m in a new lifebecause I took a shower came back andthen it was already done I hope youliked this recipe I hope you enjoyedthis video if you guys have anyquestions or comments leave them in thecomment section below and pleaseremember to click Subscribe happy charsiew in and throw some likes in theretoo if you enjoyed the video that’s whatI’m talking about

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