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Brined Pork Chops

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Recipe for Paula Deen’s House Seasoning that I use in almost every single cooking video:
1/4 cup salt
1 tablespoon pepper
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon onion powder
(4x this recipe will fit in a pint jar)

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Video Transcription

[Music]okay so before we start on these porkchopsthis by the way it’s gonna be theshortest of the video I have probablyever done I want to show you a great nsvtoday I was in here and just found theboy who I thought you know what you’velost 41 pounds the crown you win greensI’m happy to report tadaI’m but they come right off and on theyhave to force them or anything y’all ithas many years I don’t even know howmany cannot count the years since I’vebeen able to wear these rings so I’mpretty excited about that they feelfunny they’re not supposed to be therecuz I can anything on my hand in foreverso this gonna take some getting used tobut I wanted to share that first beforeum we started supper supper comes from arecipe from a website called crunchycreamy sweet I was looking for itspecifically a pork chop recipe cuz Ijust wanted to try something new and itwas just quicker to run to the internetand type in you know whatever whateverpork chops these are brined that’swhat’s different I have never done thatbeforerecipe claims that come out so juicy andmoist we’re gonna give it a go we’llturn around get started the first thingwe have to do is take four boneless porkchops I just have the only know whatkinda just most pork chops and took upsome water two teaspoons of saltput them in a bowl I decided to put themin this bag I was going to zip the bagup and just kind of smush the air outbut they sucked down in the water finelike this so I just left it open so youdon’t really need the bag you could justuse a bowl oh this is deep enough thatthey all go under let that sit at roomtemperature for 30 minutes and that’show long we’ve been going I’ve got mygloves on in preparation for the nextstep so we want to take them out and drythemI’m excited to see if this does make adifferencenow I didn’t put my good on the weddingI got it right now right that’d behalfway but now this cream on this plateI’m gonna make sure I thought it mightbe easier to put the seasoning on themon this plate okay now the seasoningwhile they were marinating hobby was ontheir eating I just went ahead and putit in the bowl instead of opening themup you know all of them so what we havein this little Bowl and y’all know mytrick if I have a lot of spices out Iput whatever uses the same measure withthe spoon with it so this is a quarterof a teaspoon so in the bowl we have aquarter teaspoon of paprika and oreganothen here is a half teaspoonwe have a half teaspoon of salt noteaspoon teaspoon of salt garlic powderand Italian seasoning the first thing weneed to do is spread it with olive oiland we’re going to put this on bothsides I’m going to keep one hand dry andit won’t fit my wet hand in on thesespices and then rub it in I think thegarlic powder is what’s gonna make it beso goodI’m gonna use it all because it does inthe recipe turn it over and you knowwhat I forgot to preheat my grill whileI was doing this hit the other side Ihave a hard time getting a finger onthat one bitOh what’s gonna care okay I’ll meet youover to Greece okay now y’all know thelight on this side of my kitchen isterrible yeah so if you’re dealing to inthe grill I have it on four hundred putyour fan on they always recommend how doyou fan on if you’re doing in the ovendo it at 375 on parchment paper she saysfor 15 minutes I say or until is to yourliking so the way I do pork chops onthis grill I love that sense yes fiveminutes per side and then I determinedfrom there but that’s always a storyunless they’re like really big victimsand all they’re like seven minutes perside on which they also recommend thepersecutes the heat in I will flip themin five minutes I’m not gonna show youflipping pork chops I will just be backwhen they’re done how about that toldyou short short short okay exactly whatI see it five minutes on each side seethose beautiful pork chops if I can havesmellivision they smelled insanelydeliciousnow it’s cooled off enough to where Ican taste it I went ahead and made myplate tell you in a minute the pointsI’m gonna taste this pork chop I want tocut right in the middle of it to see ifit’sget through Oh looky thereyou see that well in that gorgeous okayhere comes the moment of truth okay Ihad to cut away well well I was eatingthat hmm let me tell you did notdisappoint that is so moist and so juicyand so flavorful that is a excellentcombination for a pork chop and thegarlic the garlic makes it loud bloodlove this pork chop I highly recommendit now let me tell you my plate my porkchop is just the bones pokemon chopthat’s why I said just a perk lunch justa bonus chop so it’s a boneless porkloin chop weighed it in the cookedpoints it was three point three fiveseven three and a third ounces there’stwo points two points simply feelingit’s simply going for me but for thecard plans purple green and blue it’stwo points zero points worth of broccoliI have phantom that I can really eatroughly a whole lot better if I put alaughing cow edge on itnow I just got it on there but as itsits on that hot broccoli it will besoft when you start agent you can mushit around you should try it if you’renot really a big fan of broccoli put youwon points worth a laughing cow on thereit might change your mind and then thisis just plain old orzo with a little bitof spray butter that is two points worthof – I think that’s two points now I’vere-remember don’t remember what’s in mytracker because I thought this was a sixpoint meal the pork chop I will have iton the screen because now I’ve alreadyforgot three points I know that is twopoints because three points was a half acup and I thought I have a couples waytoo much this is a third a cup and itwas two points and I think that’s plentyand this isa smaller plate which it helps pull youreye because it’s a full plate of food sothere you have it that’s either 5 or 6depending on what my pork chop depend onwhat my boat chop was I think it was 2anyway there you have it burned porkchop I highly recommend giving it a tryI imagine now that grill it does makethings nice and juicy but I got afeeling this can be just as juicy in theoven so I would definitely give it a try[Music]you

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