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Boneless Pork Chops May 2020 | Masterbuilt 1050 Gravity Fed

Smoking boneless pork loin chops (ok, pork chops!) on the Masterbuilt 1050 gravity fed charcoal smoker. Bought the chops pre seasoned (I was lazy, and didn’t plan ahead!) from HEB. I smoked at 250 with lump charcoal and pecan wood chunks in the ash can. Took the chops to an internal temp of 145ish and rested them until my wife got home from work. BLUF (bottom line up front) these had an outstanding smoke flavor on them…better than I ever had with my pellet smokers…along the lines of a stick burner without all of the hassle.
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Video Transcription

so welcome back to the grilling with rvhpatio here this evening we are cookingor smoking some boneless pork loin porkchops on the masterbuilt 10:50 you cansee the smokes already rolling I alreadyhave some ABT’s or jalapenos stuffedwith cream cheese and wrapped with baconon the smoker already been spoken for alittle while now we’re going to takethese pork loin boneless pork loin porkchops pre-seasoned already from h-e-b Ididn’t have time to thaw anything outand just really kind of lazy let’s justbe honest and so I just grabbed these atHEB today I want to cook something onthe 10:50 didn’t know what so I said heypreseason pork chops why not let’s do itso we’re going to put these on thereabout 225 smoke them to an internal tempI think it’s 145 ish pull them off andsee how they are these are seasoned witha Texas style seasoning so hopefully asavory not so much a sweet season butyeah you can see the the wood smoke rolland I got a couple of chunks of pecanwood down in the burn bin the ash canand then some pecan wood sprinkled inthe lump charcoal there in the hopper solet’s go ahead and open this up[Music]see those those poppers are getting goodso we’re just gonna take these and putthese right on the smoke side hereeasier no I don’t know half an inch 3/4an inch thickthese poppers are all right using thesepork chops are gonna move them actuallyyou know what not I’ll be fine rightthere and get these good and going nowgot seven of them one two three fourfive yep seven of them I don’t math wellyou have to forgive meso we’re gonna go ahead and get thoserolling let me grab my little uh myglove here for just a moment I’m gonnathis is the masterbuilt built this isthe one probe that comes with a masterbuilt I’ve also got a fire board thatI’m monitoring temps on I’m gonna putseveral of those probes in space themout among the pork chops and that way wecan monitor the temp and take them offwhen they get to about 145 ish be backafter thisso one thing I did I have noticed withthe fire board I placed the fire boardambient probe right about the samelocation as the masterbuilt one and Idid notice there is a difference ofabout 10 to 15 degrees so masterbuiltreading to 25 for example fire boardreads about to 10 to 12 so that’s everyevery smoke I’ve ever had this pelletsmoker aspectek does the same thing whatI do is I just simply boost the temp tomatch the fire book to the fire board isincredibly accurate so we’ll just goahead and bump this up to 240 and thenwe’ll be smoking right at about 225where those pork chops or sitting soanyway smokes rollin smelling real goodwe’re gonna let those cook howling withhurricane-force winds looks like theseare just about done let’s check themwith ye olde thermapen yep that was donethat was done that was done that wasdone yep yep yep so they’re all good togo let’s get them out and get them inthe pan and get them wrapped up and takethem inside to rest and wait for thewife to get off work and eat some goodpork chops[Music][Applause]all right got him wrapped up in the panwe’re gonna take him inside in a porkchopone of us she’ll say about it she’ll eatabout a quarter of that[Music]

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