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Pork Chops Grilled W/ Sweet Potatoes Ep.2

Angelo Cristobal aka DJ Spinal Tap shows the passion hes not only for his profession but in the kitchen as well. Enjoy weekly shows as DJ Spinal Tap cooks for his family & friends. Plus special guest DJ’s perform live and get to join him for lunch/dinner.
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Kroger Prime Seasonings Kicked Up Mustard 1 cup
Canolia Oil 1 cup
Honey 1/4 cup
Tweak as desired to your liking
***Salt and Pepper Pork Chop Both Sides***
Refrigerate minimum 1hr to 4hr or even night
–Before cooking leave pork chops out to get close to room temperature–

Sweet Potatoes
Sharp Knife
Slice into slices 1/4 in thick minimum
Chili Powder 1 Tablespoon
Cumin 1 Tablespoon
Garlic Powder 1 Tablespoon
Salt & Pepper
Garlic Infused Oil
Over 400 Degrees after 15 minutes flip over (30 Min)

Pork Chops
Olive Oil
High Heat for first 3-4 mins then flip for 3-4mins
Lower Flame if needed
8-1O Minutes or until proper temperature reached


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Video Transcription

[Music]hey what’s going on welcome back we’regonna do our part to the first one to beable to have students out let me knowhow that tasted I would love to know howyou make it as well be sure to reach outto me macular team in Chicago comm ormacular team in Chicago at myname is Angelo I’m also known as DJspinal tap Rock the week I DJ lovesalmost seven days a week when I get myhands on gigs events weddings KatyNanna’s birthday parties anniversariescorporate events whatever may be one ofthe things I’ve been doing my days offand when I have time is cook for myfamily one of my favorite things to doand earlier the first one I marinatedthese pork chops with this new seasoningthat I got it was a kicked-up mustardseasoning rub it was variously a goodkick of heat and a lot of flavor so Idid was I broke it down with some oiland some thyme and some honey is what Iadded and here we’re gonna take a lookit’s been about four hours that we putin the fridge and you could take a lookhere this is what we’re gonna work within about 30 minutes from now becausewe’re gonna actually make a little sidedishlike I said we’re trying to cut back onall the big meals that we’re having sowe’re gonna let this get the roomtemperature here over here no time I’mgonna do like a little sweet potatoslice of sweet potato underneath thatpork chop so when you cut into it you’regonna get that heat and then you needthat sweetness in that flavor that’sgonna come out I love flavorI love freshness I love flavor we’regonna see what we can do hereso of course sharp knife make sure it’salways sharp you don’t want to cut intoa dull something don’t put this out ofthe way we don’t need this and we’regoing to work with is to sweet potatoesbecause like I said we have a family offour one of the things that I tend to dois I tend to overcook I tend making toomuch and then also we have all theseleftovers that we’re never going to getto so this year I’m trying to really cutback on the portion sizes so here we’reusing a little cumin a little chilipowder and when my favorites iseventually down the road I’m going toshow you guys how to infuse your ownoils because as you can see these thingsare expensive they’re probably like 10bucks and up just for thelittle jar here so if you know a placeto save let me know so first of all he’son the Amazon these are really sharp Imean okay so we’re gonna do once againpork chops and a marinated for aboutfour hours you do it overnight you cando it as long as you want I’ve donemarinades it go for 24 hours to be upthe time to do it check on it now Iguess spice it up trying some nice thickthicker cuts you know with itso let’s go right about here it’s a nicecut right there and then just reallyconsistent like I said make sure youhave a chef’s knife because if not thiskids a difficult with a sweet potatoespecially and you don’t want it toslice off your finger so we got somenice thick slices here we’re gonna putit in this little baking sheet family offour so we have six pork chops we’regonna make and we ran some stew potatoesand as you know sweet potatoes have anawesome flavor especially when tocombine with some sugar and somecinnamon but in this case I’m gonnaswitch it up a little bit I’m gonna dosome chili powder cumin garlic so thenwe have a combination to complement thatspicy pork chop that we have coming upput this right in there boom I’m gonnado our garlic already infused oil andthis stuff is awesomeOh smells really good coated a littlebit nice little coating a little gentleabout too much you can see probably likea tablespoon right there and then when Ilike to do is the way I measure is asprinkle right across the top the samething with cooling sprinkle right acrossthe top all right this is something thatgets a little congested there and we’regonna get our chili powder in the ovenat 400 this one got no love sure thisone get some love in there alright so Ihad a little salt already we’re gonnaadd one more little bit they did that onthe bottom we got the top if you want myfavorite I always just love black peppereverything I dookay good and we’ll put these over whenwe hit them in the oven about 15 minutemarker we’re gonna flip them over andthen we gonna have a salt pepper go fromtherebut definitely we need about 30 minutesfor it to get it tender put it right inthe oven 400 and we’ll be back rightafter this[Music]all right welcome back welcome back Ihad to make myself some tea actually metwith my wife did my I don’t know aboutyou guys but I’ve been dealing with somekind of cold for like a week it’s beendriving me nuts micboys comes and goessleeping out tired so some delicious teahere mmm very good maybe one day we’llhave to have her come on and show us allthese little drinks she makes me all thetime so we’ve been doing up in 15minutes now already has been in Kelvinwe’re going to take a look take a ganderat them looking pretty good you hear thesizzling going on thereoil is looking in there so we’re gonnaput it right back in we’re gonna take itback out so doesn’t lose anything thereand we’re starting on our pork chops soour pork chops have been here the entiretime it’s a room temperature here as themayor named that I did earlier today itwas a dried mustard that I purchased aseasoning and I went with honey becauseit was just a little bit it was realstrong a rub and I knew that we wouldn’tlike that so I tweaked a little bit alot of things that I do is I like tolook at a lot of recipes from all overthe internet and then I’ll go and I’llsay okay this is what I like about thisrecipe this is what I like about thisrecipe and then I bring it together andthen pick out so once again here’s ourpan hot Heat going wrong one I do that alotoh your head things that I do it’s crazybut my mind is like all over the placeall the time so this is like my time tolike relax so this is different to betalking to a camera instead of justgetting in the zoning just cooking foreverybody and chowing out so bear withme as I adjust over the next couple ofweekstoday’s music’s brought to you by nowtheatres if you want any part of this Ilove it I love supporting local artistsand DJs so if you want your mix heardyour song her reach out to me PG spinaltap 8 on social mediaI’ll go to macadamia Chicago calm to gethold of me as well but I’m social mediamakers here in Chicago real simple andalso be featured on 411 musicwhich is affiliate of macular team inChicago where you’ll see some of thecoolest artists and music to remind youall the good things that we used tolisten to so we got everything on a highheat we’re gonna add our oil now I havein the past use infused oils to get thatflavor but we’re gonna have so muchflavor going on right now that we’regonna stick with just the basic regularplan right here just enough oil in therelooks pretty good let this pan heat upreal hot for America pork chops overhere and some tongsI made a flip not know how you cook yourpork chops a lot of times I see peopleall the time they’ll use a press no thisis from the pampered chef I never liketo use weights on anything so you willnever see me use a weight only onasparagus though I will use on asparaguskind of get that flavor sear it inquicker but never on my meats I neverlike to put weights on my meats neverbeen a fan of it so it’s hey sure it’syour household you do what you want herein this household we don’t use anyweights in our meat all right once againwe’re getting this nice and hot nicegood coating we got six pork chops forsure looks about a good maybe three aregonna fit in here at a time we got about12 minutes before we get those sweetpotatoes they’re gonna come right outand then we’ll be able to top it oneafter anotherwe got a 400 degree oven going on inthere with the cumin the chili powderand some garlic powder now I’m a big fanof garlic so you can definitely use somegarlic if you want next time I’ll do itI don’t have any here in household buttomorrow I’m sure next time I will havesome fresh garlic I love to do freshgarlic all the time so you can do thatas an option or you just keep it simplewith sweet potatoes brown sugar done allright so we’re gonna make sure this isnice and hotyouporkchops anywhere between eight minutesten minutes I like my juicy some peoplelike there’s a little bit more well doneonce again based on your preferencealthough I do love my steaks tomedium-rare my burger so I don’t knowhow you like your burgers I’d like toknow my burgers believe it or not Ithink I’m about medium medium well Iknow other people like me a rarewell-done burgers so be sure you meanthose recipe then you want me to try outI love to try out any recipe that youmight have out there and see how we doit here in this kitchen we love thetaste it definitely definitely check outthe macular team in Chicago as you’llsee this episode and previous episodesgoing forward so we’re looking aboutalmost I know three three minutes I’mgoing to flip it over and about fourminutes and then flip it over or wecould rotate it if you want to get fancyand get those lines in they’re justtotally up to you should we get ourplane goin[Music]yeah smells really good I could smellthat mustard right away and I put timein here too so I know so I got the sweetpotatoes finally started almost get donebut you could definitely smell this thiskind of rub that mustard it’s what wealso have a lot of heat a nice littleheat to it and it did it did have anactor bite to it so we’re going to gohere just let it just sit around on theother side make sure we get a nice andhot look it really good here and we’llbe back after these messages[Music]all right welcome back we’re gonna flipour pork chops let it sear right in veryjuicy a lot of times you can make yourown little top sauces if you want you doa little apple mango a little sauce ontop of it just some lime juice there’s alot of ways to make pork chops todaywe’re going to try out this new rub andsee what kind of flavor that we get outof it we did it with honey add it to itkind of break it down a little oil tobegin with and we’re just gonna let itcook for about all right say about fouror five minutes it’s a nice thin cutpork chop and then we’ll be able to topit off with our sweet potatoes that arealmost done so be sure to come backafter this[Music]all right looks like our sweet potatoesare done like I said this is Ameliagiving in 30 minutes depending on howmuch you slice it be sure to go to alittle oil on those sweet potatoes andwhen it comes time flip on 15 minuteshalfway through so you get the bottom tothe top and then top to the bottom so itcan cook a little faster for you ourpork chops are done you’re lookingamazing so let’s pause sweep is first Ilower the flame on there and now youknow sometimes we like to make a littlefancy you know we’re not at a restaurantbut just just the things I do because Ido have that restaurant background I wasworking in kitchens for slight sometimejust put the sweet potato around thebottom so when you cut right into thepork chop and then we’ll keep this warmwhen everyone else is ready to eatcome on down don’t write sweet potatolet’s look at this pork chop right hereright on top you lower the flame whichit is turn it off and like I said Idon’t like to waste so what I like to dois get a little more green onion that wegot them earlier from the chicken saladand you can use as a garnish will colorfun right and this is what we’re lookingat right here for you pork chop withsweet potato right on the bottom noteven 30 minutes let’s see how fit it is[Music]this is my first time trying this myfirst time even doing this so let me getto workI’m always guilty of trying to put upfour hits my family I know they’ll tellme something it’s all said and donecover into the pork chop nice seared gotbolt bites right in there let’s see herehmmhop very goodwell you got time for yourself let me gonext time hold on let me call them outthere with this I got some flavor while[Music]very good very very good my counterperson is losing it right now becauseI’m just sitting here that I cooled outa little bit but I’m so eager and sohungry to try it it goes really welltogetheryou got the heat you got the sweet yougot the spice so try this out see therecipe online and I’ll see you next time[Music]

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