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Pulled Pork Korean BBQ – Oven Recipe with Coke Marinade

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This video is a detailed tutorial for pulled pork Korean BBQ and I wrote an oven recipe with coke marinade which could work as a universal Korean BBQ marinade. This insanely tender Korean BBQ pulled pork recipe ended up on a bed of rice with quick-pickled cabbage and onions and a bonus of Korean chili sofrito. Enjoy the recipe:

Pork Shoulder 4.5 lbs (2Kg)

Soy Sauce 1 cup
Coke 1 can
Dijon Mustard 3 Tbsp
Sugar 1 cup
Water 1 cup
Black pepper 1/2 Tbsp
Sesame oil 2 Tbsp
Scallion 2 ea
Garlic 8 cloves
Ginger 40g
Onion 1 ea
Asian Pear 1ea

Quick Pickle:
Onion 1 ea
Red Cabbage 1/4 ea
Sugar 1 cup
Vinegar 1 cup
Water 2 cup
Salt 1 Tbsp
Bay Leaf 5 pcs

Korean Chili Sofrito:
Green (Spicy) Chili 4 ea
Red (Anaheim) Chili 2 ea
Garlic, minced 1 Tbsp
Vegetable Oil 1 Tbsp
Fish Sauce 1/2 Tbsp
Mirin 1/2 Tbsp
Sesame Seed 2 Tbsp

1. Cut all the hard ingredients of the marinade into rough large dices, and blend with water first. Then mix all other ingredients together.
2. Marinate pork shoulder overnight minimum of 12 hours. (I did for 18 hours)
3. Cook in the oven at 250°F/120°C for 5.5 Hours then increase the oven temp to 450°F/230°C for 30 minutes to finish.
4. While julienne (thin slice) cabbage and onion and mix. Prepare pickling liquid by heating up all the other ingredients.
5. Pour hot pickling liquid to the cabbage and onions, and store it in the cooler and let the steam escape.
6. Finely chop 2 types of chilies and sweat with minced garlic on a saucepan with a touch of oil.
7. When chilies and garlic become sticky and pasty, add fish sauce and Mirin and reduce. Add sesame seeds to finish.
8. Plate with a bed of rice as instructed in the video.

This is a unique recipe that any Korean BBQ lover would enjoy.

Happy cooking!!

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