BBQ Pork Recipes


Simple grilled pork chop sandwiches done on the Weber gas grill and Blackstone griddle.
We hand cut our 1/2 inch pork chops and saved money by buying a whole uncut pork loin.
We bought pre-cut portable mushrooms and cut two medium size onions to grill on the blackstone grilled. After cooking the pork chops for 4 mins on one side we turned them over and grilled them for 3-4 minutes on the other side. We then rested the meat for 5 minutes before assembling our sandwich. The pork chop was then placed on our french loaf that was purchased at our local Walmart and we split the loaf long ways like a Subway Sandwich with our Wushtof Bread knife. Amazing flavor in just five ingredients. This simple sandwich will fill your belly for a lower cost as we know there are a lot of people still out of work and our trying to their dollars during covid-19. This sandwich feed five people and we are little by no means lol! -Wusthof Knife set!

Famous Dave’s steak and rib rubs!

Pit Boss Vertical pellet smoker.

Blackstone 1825 36”

Weber Spirit II 2 burner

8” selfie light

Iphone 11 I use

Head Country BBq sauce and seasoning pack Sony Zv-1 Vlogging Camera

Berkshire pork loin this is the best brand but not the cheapest!
We purchased ours at a Walmart ,Tyson whole pork loin.

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