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Spicy pork spit roast with garlic – Charcoal grill | Grill philosophy

Spicy pork spitroast with garlic on charcoal grill. There are many times when we test a new grilling idea by preparing a small portion before we end up sharing it with you. If we find that the result is tasty and you are likely to also like it, we’ll make a video to show you the whole process. This time, we tested a marinade recipe for a pork spit roast and, since we really liked it, we decided to share it through the video above, and through our site’s pages in a detailed, written description. We have tested all of our site’s recipes. We think that you’ll also like the result, and we suggest you always try new flavors, because the flavor is endless, dear friends. Let’s see all these, step-by-step.

Happy grilling everyone!

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