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Swine & Dandy BBQ Episode 4: Pork Rib Roast

In this weeks video we will be cooking up a beautiful Pork Rib Roast. We used our gateway drum smoker for this cook, but you can use any type of smoker. Just try and follow the same cook temperatures, and look for the final internal temp of 145.

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Video Transcription

welcome back to swine and any TestKitchen my name is Catoeand today big review generally I’ve seena couple pictures of these past coupledays what we got here is a roast thatwas trimmed up for us at our localbutcher and today we’re gonna power homea little barbecue spin on it so I’mgonna be doing is going down with a saltpepper garlic rub and then come backwith a barbecue rub and all these ribsprovide to us by Jim to keep barbecuewhich want to thank you for that sofirst thing we’re gonna do is lay alight coat of this lover up here myJonesy cuteany spots you might forget after we gotthat applied like some pad we’re notgoing down that you muster any type of Inever saw straight upwe’re just having booty I brought hereby junkies gonna give a nice prettybarbecue coloralright so we got that rib we’re gonnalet it sit out and get the sweating andtoday we’re going back cooking with ourbig blade room you gotta miss all of usto cook on it last week these drugsmugglers they’re super easy to usethey’re very friendly on a temperaturemanagement so we love to use them youget a nice smoke covering on your meatyou’re cooking with them so that’s whatwe’re gonna be using today as far assometimes we’re not really going by timehere just looking hit the internaltemperature of 145 degrees from thisport one and what we’re gonna do next iswe’re going to the grill and yes onceyou follow me out there let’s show themhow we fire that gateway drama all rightguys were here at the gateway drumsmoker we just want to show you how wefire this thing up and how easy it is touse so let’s get this lid off alright sothe last cook we use we didn’t use allour charcoal so we’re going to be ableto reuse some of this and we’re going toshow you guys how we light it up and howwe get it started this jealous devilcharcoal it’s got a long burn time sowe’re able to use it maybe two threecooks so what we do is we get theselittle whack slider cubes and we’regoing to light it up we’re going tostick it right onto the charcoal and getthe basket back in the drum and once wehave the basket back in the drawingwe’re going to let it run for about 20minutes wide open with both intakevalves wide open and the lid off soall right that’s as easy it is we’ll seeyou back out here in about 20 minuteswe’ll hopefully gonna be shooting for atemperature of about 275 we’ll dial ourintakes back down and we’ll show youmore about that here in just a minute sonow that we’ve shown you about oursmoker how we get it fired up and howeasy it is to use we want to talk to youabout this meat again that’s beenseasoned up it’s been resting for about15 to 20 minutes and once you zoom itdown I get a picture that median seewhat that Jonesy cue booty really wasdone here as you can see that that bootyrub and mixture with that Bubb rubb it’sreally pulled the moisture out of thismeatit just looks absolutely beautiful wecannot wait to get this sliced up andget taste so let’s get back out there tothe smoker we’ll be putting this onsmoker bone side down and begin with andthen we’re running for I don’t knowabout an hour we’ll just have to kind ofplay about look and see if we want toget that dark mahogany code that we liketo see so let’s get back out there tosmokerall right it’s been 20 minutes we’reback here in smoker we’ve got somecherry chunks here we’re gonna be usingmy experience I found the Chile pairsvery well with pork so what’s going toeat this lid off get these cheer chunksin here get our great sound and get thismeat because normally you open these badbabies up they run up on Tim all rightjust look at this meat right here thisthing is pretty as can be let’s give ita nice good smoke bath and we’ll see youback here in about an hour[Applause]so it’s been an hour we’re back here toGateway drums we want to check this meatand see what kind of color we got on itand now that it’s been run for about anhour when I flip it over towards meatside down so let’s get in here and seewhat we’re looking like Timmy that don’tlook absolutely beautifuloh man look at that color let’s takethis right here and we’re gonna flipthese dudes over and we’re gonna runmeat side down for about maybe anotherhour I don’t know maybe 30 minutes we’regonna have to watch our temperatureshere and see when we’re climbing up wedon’t want to go any higher than 145 sowe’ll keep an eye on it and we’ll seeyou back here in a little bit all rightwhile that means cutting away out therein the drum we want to bring you backinto the kitchen and talk about thiscutting board that we had madecustom-made for usfrom an 80 Hawthorne has got eightiescountry creations on Facebook you canlook them up give them a shout I meanthis guy does as you can tell Iabsolutely gorgeous work this is a maplecutting board it’s 18 inches by 24inches by 2 inches thick I mean theartwork on here since absolutelygorgeous so the heat engraved our nameacross the front here even player logohere on the corner for us I mean Imessaged the guy told him exactly what Iwanted no questions eyes he said yeahman I got you I mean this he can’t sayenough about this board it’s justabsolutely beautiful I mean this thingis it’s almost a freaking countertopprobably weighs about 20 pounds so ifyou guys are ever in the market lookingfor cutting boards looking for any typeof custom wood creation be sure to lookthem up it’s great guy quick service byshipping okay so we’re back here at thedrama’s have been about 40 minutes we’regonna see what this thing is lookinglike and see if we’re close on ourinternal temps remember you’re messingwith the drums you got to be quick cuzthat fire or shoot up on you I’ll seewhat contents we’re looking at here inthe right in the middle we’re lookingabout 127 so we do need a little bitlonger here on this pork loin but Ithink that’s about as long as we want togo to a fat side down so let’s get itflip back over real quick get the lidback on we’ll check out her head alittle bit okay so it’s important not towalk away from it too much so we’re at127 for an internal temperature lasttime and we’re back after about 15minutes we don’t want it to get too hotso we’re gonna check it and see wherewe’re atall right we’re sitting about 136 andthat’s exactly where we wanted to be forthe next portion of this cook we’regonna pull this pork loin rib roast offwe’re gonna open up all the valves onthis gateway drum and we’re gonna get aroar and flame going we’re gonna bringit back here sear it on that fat sideand what we hope to achieve is a nicecrispy crust on the outside so let’skick this thing off got my trustysidekick dad over here helping us outfor today’s video remember if we’regonna open these valves up all the waywe’ll give it about uh I don’t know 5-10minutes and we hope to see those flamesI reaching up and kissing that greatwe’re gonna stick that rib breast backon there and get it crisped up alrightso as you can see we got this gatewayI mean it’s running wide open you seethose flames touching there so whatwe’re going to do is we’re going to slapthis pork loin rib roast down here fatside down and hook the guy we don’t loseit we let it run for probably about aminute tops because like I said we don’twant to lose this thing in the flamesokay we’re back in the kitchen the meatsbeen resting for about 15 minutes andjust has a quick recap what we did is wetook this pork loin rib roast we hit itwith a base layer of jumping to cool ofrub came back across the top of thatwith a tons of cute booty rub which madeto sweat out real nice and give it thata red color that’s your sin if we tookit out some smoker ran in about an hourwith bone side down and came back andflip it over it put that fat down so wecan get crispy for us and ran it for byleveling up up another 45 minutes andonce we did that we took it off and wegot our gateway drum rolling hot get theflames kick jumping out of there kissingthat great and we took the roast and putit back in fat side down and get thatnice crisp layer across there you guyswhat we might see that guy man that’sburning I’m here tea there’s a lot offlavor in that so let’s get this thingsliced up and see how we did todayand since we had this fridge and had thebones cut out and where they stick upwhere it was slide or knife right inbetween here we’re not to worry aboutdodging bones or missing anythingsee how we didlook at that that’s nice a beautifulcolor I got some Jesus coming out of itI’ll slice up another cup with a couplepieces heresee our knife slides right through therego ahead and this Center it up herestack thesetop of each other every next thing we’regoing to do is we’re gonna take our alittle bit of our homemade barbecuesauce and drizzle[Music][Music]now we’ll get all that settled get ourtaste tester over here and see if thispork rib roast is worth anythingguess you know what that bill Maynesmakes time to eatlook at that by 3 and Jesus just fitsright off those good remember if youlike what we’re doing here continue tokeep watching like us on facebook alsothey say i’m gonna give us a subscribeon youtube and a quick comment[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]you

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