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The Easiest BBQ Pork Recipe Ever? Grilled Pork Belly w/Salt Rub | Lolo Lito’s Pinoy Kitchen | #1198

What if I said you can make the best Filipino style BBQ pork recipe and all you need is salt and charcoal? Don’t take my word for it, my crazy father (Lolo Lito to you) says this super simple recipe produces flavorful pork with no fancy sauce needed. Is this some mad, old-age wisdom from this cantankerous octogenarian chef or is it just delusional, nostalgia-fueled wishful thinking from this cantankerous octogenarian quack? We put Lolo Lito’s experiment to the test.


Call me Félix and I’m a schizoid – sometimes schizophrenic – subversive surrealist, who sometimes makes food vlogs, travel vlogs, and everything else in between and well outside the loop (I love literature, critical theory, toroidal metaphysics, quantum physics, and the occult).

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