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Vegan BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Hey y’all

I made these delicious BBQ pulled “pork” sandwiches with no meat!


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Video Transcription

[Music]all right so today is the day that I amgoing to be making vegan pulled pork yes[Applause]I’m going to just show you what my mainbase ingredients are gonna be this ismoister mushrooms so I got two packs ofthem and this is what it ended up comingout – I have the open pit honey barbecuesauce I have the sweet baby Ray’sbarbecue sauce I have a little bit ofsea salt some onion powder a little bitof paprika to add some spice I don’tthink that I’m gonna need this but Ihave some agave and then I have alsosome bourbon barbecue seasoning just togive it that extra and it barbecue tasteso the first thing that I’m going to dois wash my mushrooms okay so Iofficially wash them off when I wash itI rinse them and I’m going to use theseForks to start shredding them hopefullyI can show you how I’m about to shredthem let’s see here we golike so I’ve actually used moistermushrooms before to make vegan andhonestly now that I’m kind of doing thison my own I would like I mean if I startat the top of the mushroom and work yourway down to the stem of it that’s whatseems to me as I’m doing it now that’swhat seems to be the most okay so I’mback and I shredded it all and this iskind of what it looks likejust to give you guys a close-up Ireally am excited about this cuz itreally came out to look like realshredded meat of some sort but that’s alittle closer okay so I spreaded it outon this baking sheet and I actually oldthe bacon she were a little bit oliveoyl’s to keep it from sticking and I’mgoing to pop this in the oven for 400degrees for about maybe 10 to 15 minutesI did season it with all the seasoningsthe paprika the onion powder and the seasalt and I’m going to put a little bitof the bourbon barbecue that I told youaboutjust sprinkle it all over a little bitand I’m gonna pop this in the oven allright Wow I am letting that cook alittle bit then the oven I’m going to goahead and get my sauce together I’mgonna put a little bit of the open-pithoney in there and then I’m gonna putsome of the sweet baby raceand put some more onion powder in therea little bit of paprika and then I’mjust gonna mix it all together and thenI’m gonna taste it I wanted to have alittle bit of punch in it that’s why Iadded the cayenne pepper but not a wholelot so don’t want it to be super spicybut I like both of these barbecue saucesand to my knowledge they are vegan ifyou guys know anything different pleaselet me know in the comments this is whatit looks like after it’s been in theoven I didn’t put it in for 10 minutes Ithink that it was probably maybe likesix or seven because I didn’t want it toburn cuz I could see that it’s startingto brown a little bit so I’m gonna goahead and put this in a pan with thesenow I’m putting my pretzel bread in thebag I’ll clip on some child vegans slicecheese’s I love love love this cheese onhere so I’m gonna pop this in the ovenso we can get toasted all right this isthe finished productthis is how my pulled pork turned out itlooks pretty freakin good I put somepickles on top and of course I have mycoleslaw on the side I cannot wait todig into thisyou

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