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BBQ &bread with bbq sauce made by my Mom for Dinner

Happy Eating😋

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Video Transcription

hello everybody so we’re having barbecuefor dinner so I buy the new plates bowlsand cups and spoon and fork so I gotthese sweet and it’s a tiger it’s a truejournalist Bible plate has a ball tooand a cup we’re gonna make a drink forthe cop so you will need an only waterand squirt a squash it’s summer fruitsokay so open it put some like squirt asquash inside put like a little morebecause that means if you don’t put alittle more than actually tastes a bitnothing anything like color only so pourthe water in and it upand uh then you can take a barbecue andI’m gonna actually bit a strawberry intothis chocolate that tastes nice you canjust slide bar okay now I’m gonna tasteif it tastes like flavorlettuce flavor[Music]you know little Pricer mm-hmm daddy riceso I’m having my plate ready withbarbecue in your eyes and there’s likecooked bread with this sauce so withbarbecue sauce you put the barbecuesauce on the bread then put in the viewa Grail so there’s lots of strawberriesand in our garden we can put we onlyfound one big one we took outokay I’m gonna eat the rice for thebarbecue mound right but first I’m gonnaeat the bread to wait for my viceOh should I request me follow me a bribeit tastes good it’s like a barbecuebreadyou’re right okaytomahto now I don’t eat tomatoes you gotpeople birthday baby again don’t takesome ricehow’s it lookI think with these ears this big ear onthe place you can put like your spoonand fork on the ear and you don’t haveto put all the dirty table but this is aclean table we already use what do youthink so now I’m gonna eat now[Music]look I’m convinced today going to pickheyyou need to put here if you really likein this chocolate gets a bit shinylet’s try cucumber chocolate is it’snice it goes in chocolate Nolaughs yeah you can bring Chuck that’snice I thought it wisest rock lookyou won’t yeah I’m all rightI see birthdayit’s a white bird I foundmommy’s cooking eggplant and a grilledI’m gonna take my cucumber put in shockthis is a tough day because it will come/ hmm or you just put less mooing okayhoney that put less then take a big biteand that’s all we have for today andgoodbye

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