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BBQ Chicken Pizza – Quick & Easy

BBQ Chicken Pizza made The Cocoa Exchange style!

How to make at home using Pod & Bean Korean BBQ Sauce and Caribbean Seasoning Blend. Bake at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes until cheese is melted. Kid friendly except for putting pizza in the oven. to check out the Korean BBQ Sauce and Caribbean Seasoning I’m using in the recipe.

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Video Transcription

hi everyone its Diane it’s Tuesday nightand I am making supper so I just wantedto show you a quick one making abarbecue chicken pizza and I’ve donesome of these at my tastings back whenwe could get together so I thought I’ddo one now but I’m tonight I’m using thenaan bread and that’s these littlethings like this and they had to buy oneget one free so I put them in thefreezer yeah and I’ll show them to youin a minute but that’s what I’m using sothey’re real easy and I just stuck themin the oven for maybe 5 minutes or so tojust crisp them up just a little bit andthen I’m gonna turn my camera down herea little bit you can see what I’m doingso these are my naan breads hereand I’m gonna use I’m gonna do this thecocoa exchange style so I’m using someof our Korean barbecue sauce so I’m justgonna pour some onthat’s my in place of my tomato sauceobviously you could use any kind of youstar sweet and smoky barbecue sauce itwas really good too and so of course I’mmaking two but I’ll show you just onefor now and so I’m going to use somecharities that I’ve gradedyou must everybody has that in theirpantry bring the refrigerator or ratheryou usually on Pizza use mozzarellacheese but for this one I like thecheddar so change it up a little and tryit and then I also have my otheringredients here cut up so I put I cutup some chicken that I had from lastnight’s supper so it’s already cookedand I just chopped it up a little andput that on I sliced up some onionsreally thin so I made a real thin sothat they will cook that way otherwiseyou could kind of cook them ahead oftime my husband’s talking to me I’msorry and I also like to add some freshpineapple or you could do cannedpineapple I just happened to have somefresh and I had it again in the freezerjust in chunks like that I froze it forsmoothies actually but I decided to putthem on the pizza goes really good withthe barbecue sauce so you could also useham you know whatever and then just totop it off I’m going to put some of ourthis is our Koreanseasoning so just to show you anotherlittle variation what I’m gonna do forJax is he likes this hot pepper cheeseso I don’t know if you’ve seen this inthe stores it’s like a hot wing cheeseso I use that I’ll put the barbecuesauce and then I’ll put some of this ontop and then the onions in chicken andpineapple and then he also likes thejalapenos so the hotter the better soI’m going to stick some of those andthen the Caribbean seasoning on top ofthat pop it in the oven so that’s myquick supper should only take 10 minutesor so in the oven and I know I know youcan’t see my face I wanted you to seethe pizza but I’m back so I hope you tryit it’s really quick easy can dowhatever kids can even make whateverkind they like you know you can putleftovers on it whatever so all rightI’m gonna go put it in the oven and Ihope you all have a good night and stayhealthybye bye

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  1. I love you and John and your show but would you PLEASE make stuff that people like me who are out of work, living very frugally can make without using every freaking thing in my pantry and freezer on one meal!! I can’t go to the internet and replace anything or I won’t have money for the bills. please like you used to way back when

  2. Hey Rachel how are you my friend,I love to watch you and John 😂😂😂😂its funny my favorite part its drinks ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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