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BBQ Sauce for coating spare ribs or as a chicken marinade – but how to make it to your own taste!

BBQ sauce for Ribs, using store cupboard ingredients, and how to balance it to your personal taste.
You can add and remove as many of these ingredients with availability.
It doesn’t just have to be used for spare ribs, could be used as a chicken marinade
Any combination of the following is required:
a chilli
knob of butter
yellow mustard (burger mustard) – you could use any type of mustard but bear in mind the heat
white wine vinegar
worcester sauce
tomato paste
salt / pepper

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to Tim’s kitchenit’s a beautiful day outside again todayso I’ve decided to cook some ribs on thebarbecue this afternoon so first thing Icould do is make my barbecue sauce soI’ve decided to use some one white onionthat’s diced along with some garlic andI like a little bit of heat so I’ve alsochopped up a small red chili as well togo into that so all that can now go in asaucepan additionally to this we alsomarried to a knob of butter and againit’s just pretty for richness andclearly to give it that extra thicknessof source so we can now start putting upon the hop so if I know person for lowheat and that should now start to meltdown in the meantime we are also nowgoing to add in some honey so honey isroughly a quarter of a cup so quarter ofa cup we are gonna add goes it’s just togive it the sweetness that you needagainst everything else right so now I’mgonna add some white wine vinegar whitevinegar gives it the acidity that isrequired now this is all done to tasteso if you decide at the end when youmade this that the taste isn’t quiteright then you can just add one on youcan experiment by adding one or more ofthe ingredients to volume required insome ketchup you wanna add double theamount of ketchup you just done for thehoney in that goes I’ve also gotAmerican mustard because this is theother essential part of barbecue sauceagain same that as the ketchupthen that gives it the traditionalAmerican label I’m also going to add atouch of tomato paste because this hasthe richest in depth than the color andI’m gonna add a dash of Worcestershiresauce because Worcestershire sauce givesthat nice little bite you want more heatyou can add something like Brit hot Ikind of know bit of inspiration for thisis my book that I have on barbecue andalso I was lucky enough in 2016 to go torib fest in Canada in Carberryand that was an amazing experiencetrying with these different truck cartsof different types of ribs withdifferent saucesI was amazing sorry it’s now comingtogether so what I’ve done is melt itall down and need to season it now thisis purely for one person or enough tocover some ribs so you can double thequantity you can just put in thequantity you wish you can add in morehoney if you like you’re sweeter you canadd in more hot sauce much hotter youcan add in more ketchup to give it a bitmore tang and the same with theWorcester sauce just have to remember tocatch both it has sugar at it so youdon’t need to add any brown sauce I’vegot a teaspoon to taste thisso it’s just quickly tasteless now tosee what this is like for me as toslightly not going off to Martha withoutI quite like my mattemore tomatoey thenwe put into my ketchup but it tastedgood barbecue sauce see this is what Imean you can just add and take away asyou need to give it that depth of flavorand also need to touch more I’ve gotmore water I’m gonna going in depth offlavor so just out of touch morewhatever you need to make it what youwant it to be it’s all down to yourtaste how you like barbecue sauce andthen once this is cooked once this iscooked I’m just gonna give it a quickheat up although I blend the stick inand we’ll blend it into a pure sourcewithout any lumps of garlic or onion orchili and then I’m gonna leave it in thefridge and that’s it that barbecue sauceis all down to taste and you can changeyour balances whatever you likesomeone’s got the ingredients to makesomething you can then make it the tasteyou want whether you only have sortedsweeted or whether you just want it thatlovely rich texture and whatever go it’sall down to your own judgement reallyenjoy and have fun trying to make yourown barbecue sauce

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