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Simple BBQ sauce

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Video Transcription

[Music]well how does everybody doing todaylet’s make this little barbecue saucesweet easy start off a little brownsugar and like every good barbecue sauceget a heavy some ketchup in there aboutone and a half cups of Gator nowremember this is just a basic barbecuesauce you can add some extra flavoringsthere if you like but just to get youstarted then you can make it your ownokay or little acidity we’ll put in someapple cider vinegar not half a cup ofdude some smoked paprikaand we’re gonna use the two teaspoons ofsalt and pepper each its onion powderand submit wishes you Shoshana Shiresauceget all these blended in together realgood right here I can smell it already[Music]let’s take a little taste and see if weneed anythingmmm maybe a little a little salt you’regoing to put a little fresh crackedblack pepper in there yeah that’ll workget those mixed in real good[Music]and once you get out of the ingredientsput together real well if we’re gonna gohere to the stove and port in oursaucepan we’re gonna bring that to avery slow bowl as soon as it hits thatbowling points you will go ahead andcrank her down and just let it simmerfor about 25 minutes and you’ll be goodto go with some homemade barbecue sauce[Music]

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