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We love to visit our grandkids (and kids) in Texas. The other thing we love to do in Texas is eat BBQ! Texas BBQ is AMAZING! My husband and I are on low sodium diets,, and BBQ sauce can be high in sodium, so I have been experimenting and trying to create a BBQ sauce that is not only low in sodium, but also tastes like the Texas BBQ we love. I think this recipe comes close. I did not add garlic, or onions because we prefer to add those to our meat. You can really help our channel grow just by giving this video a thumbs up. Thanks so much for watching!!

BBQ Sauce Recipe
3T Brown Sugar
14 ounces Ketchup
4T Worcestershire sauce
Black Pepper
3t. Dry mustard
1/4t Cayenne pepper
2T Liquid Smoke
1/2 cup Water
6T Butter

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Video Transcription

this is the barbecue sauce we normallyuse love it love the flavor loveeverything about it but it has 290milligrams of sodium we are trying tocut salt from our diet I’m making ahomemade barbecue sauce out of theseingredients first step I’m using 3tablespoons of brown sugar 14 ounces ofketchup and this is the no salt addedketchup so it only has 5 milligrams perserving and a serving size is atablespoon and then we have I don’t knowhow you say this Worcestershire sauce 4tablespoons of that and this has in 1tablespoon 65 milligrams I use coarseblack pepper to taste my husband likes alot of black pepper then I use 3teaspoons of dried mustard and 1/4teaspoon of cayenne pepper I also add 2tablespoons of liquid smoke the liquidsmoke has 10 milligrams per teaspoon 1/2cup water and 6 tablespoons of unsaltedbutter I’m going to combine all of thesethings on my stovetop I usually startwith the melted butter and then I addeverything else bring it to a boil thatsimmer for about 10 minutes and it’sready to go[Music]this looks finished so I’m going toremove it from the heat let it cool offand then I just store it in myrefrigerator and a squeeze block now letme show you what I can meet with thiscaramel then we barbecue our chicken butthe day I was filming this it wasraining so I just decided to stick it inthe broiler[Music]first up is a BBQ chicken salad I usethese homemade tortillas that are verylow in sodium I will link the recipe upin the right corner melt a little bit ofcheese on that tortilla add some nicefresh romaine lettuce top it with yourbarbecue chicken obviously you can addsome bell peppers or corn or whateveryour favorite veggies are and whateversalad dressing you like next step is astuffed baked potato I just make thepotatoes in the oven and a littleunsalted butter and we like to use theplain nonfat Greek yogurt in place ofsour cream add some barbecue chickensome shredded cheese and more of yourhomemade barbecue sauce and lastly welove to add some steamed broccoli to thetop it tastes amazingI’ve got some ground turkey and all Idid baking this was to add a little bitof garlic powder onion powder and blackpepper and I just browned the groundturkey in those spices and I’m going toadd some of the barbecue sauce[Music]super easy and quick way to make sloppyjoes[Music][Applause]


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