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BBQ Season – Lane’s BBQ Sauces from Nashville Spice Company

Mark is back with his weekly Friday videos! This week Mark is excited to share five very different flavors of Lane’s BBQ sauces with you. Which flavor will make your next BBQ stand out? Order online, free shipping or choose outside storefront pickup:…

Lane’s handcrafted sauces are made in Bethlehem, GA. They are all gluten-free and all natural. Which one will be your favorite? Mix and match for event more exciting flavors!

“Lil Spicy” – tangy & sweet combined with some attitude & spice
“Kinda Sweet” – tangy & sweet for all kinds of meats
“Itsa Vinegar” – classic southern flavor with a modern twist
“Southbound” – Carolina mustard Lowcountry inspired
“Sorta White – Fan favorite for beef, chicken and a great dressing

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Video Transcription

hi everybody its mark at the nationalspice company and today we’re talkingsouthern barbecue the weather’s gettingwarmer and people are thinking aboutgrilling out and really good barbecuenow southern barbecue in the world ofbarbecue is its own world their palatesare different their flavors aredifferent it’s a really well-roundedtype of barbecue sauce but it sort ofstands alone and people who are intoreally true southern barbecue arelooking for a really good true southernbarbecue sauce this is the Lane’sbarbecue Lane’s is an Atlanta basedsauce company so they are in the heartof the south and really really richheritage of barbecue flavors so let’stalk about their sauces they have yourtraditional red sauces we have onecalled kind of sweet for those of youthat like your sauces to have a littlebit more of the brown sugar sweetnessand a little bit milder on the heat thatwould be the right one for youthen you have the spicy one little spicydoes have some heat so those of you thatlike your barbecue to have a little bitmore of those chilies and that sort ofback of the throat heat you’re gonnalike this one then we have some reallyunusual but again Troost other playerssouthern barbecue is knownfour mustards mustard salsas are veryhard to find up here in the north solanes is making a true mustard barbecuesaucethis one is a recipe from the Carolinasbut it’s using Carolina mustards so it’sgot that sweetness and that mustardundertones that some of you like in yourbarbecue then you’ve got yourvinegar-based sauce nothing says theSouth like vinegar-based sauces this isapple cider vinegar ketchup black pepperit’s got that Ternes from that vinegarthen really unusual par mayonnaisebasted sauces this is their white saucethis one is really worth giving a try ifyou’ve never tried a white barbecuesauce so if you’re looking for a goodtraditional southern barbecue sauce trylanes here at the Nashville spicecompany and just to remind you it’savailable at our online store so checkit out today Lane’s barbecue you won’tbe sorrytake care

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