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Big Daddy Bomb BBQ Sauce is Cooking Chicken and Shrimp Pasta Part 2

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Video Transcription

in this studio backwards away from BigDaddy bomb barbecue sauce you definitelywant a bull and these up yes it is theBob literally get it at Western PigglyWiggly here locally right that’s rightonlineauthor no pass by knock on my truckwindow say something you know whateveryou see me in the street why I wanted mypocket I don’t know but I’m readingagainst it the we put some stuff in herebut this is like you know at the finaltouch yeah I have the big bottle whichis you know for the cooks of stuff butyou have the small bottle when you gobut it’s just about finalizing you takeit and you just pour it into perfectionnow you’re taking in there and you mixit in there and now we’re going to laststep of this thing so we how about pastain the back okay and we’re gonna mix itup and put it in and then throw somecheeseyou put that frito sauce and they’re allready right we have everything that’sgood and we’re gonna run food oven andwe come back we might almost be ready toeat we might be struggling early we likeit taste the segment early I don’t wellmy plates down here so I’m gonna pull itup with my utensil it tasted early towhat a smaller knife and all this okayyeah I’ll come back cuz it’s gonna bepretty good here okay fantastic closingthat’s right www Big Daddy go visit it go see it but mostof all let’s go to store let’s get thisstuff perfect can’t wait to try it allright don’t go far up next we havedetails about a short film that wasrecently released by a local church youdon’t want to miss it you’re watchingABC 3340

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