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Big Daddy Bomb BBQ Sauce Southwest Baked beans Part 1

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Video Transcription

blowing segment is sponsored by bigDanny bomb barbecue sauce and welcomeback to talk of Alabama on this Fridaymorning I’m in the major kitchen withDwayne Thompson and once again he’s hereto show us that Big Daddy Bob barbecuesauce it’s good on everything everythingwe’re doingBig Daddy buying barbecue Southwest babywe’re going little close to the borderright I’m a southern boy but I like totravel every night net so we got thisgoing you know we got the the the inputset we got the little ground meat andall of the peppers and of course youknow losing I got some on do it I don’tdo it sausage in the inside of but we’regonna take that and you know the main infact there’s this good old gotta had abaked beans right yeah gotta have bigmeans and all the secret seasons andstuff like that and we don’t get itgoing for you like we put the bakedbeans in we do all the peppers and allthat we’re getting ready because we havea a cook-off March to 24 so you thinkyou can cook Birmingham you think youcan cook you have come on out we gonnabe a 3/3 Oh 116th Street North downtownon a big empty parking lot you got yourgrills and all that we want to see whatyou got going on on the grill thischicken chili or ribs chicken too littlereal so those are three differentcategory three different category thatyou can do chicken chili or Ritalin whatwe’re doing is we got those beans goingwe still got some black beans that wehad sir that’s the Southwest right theresi with a big black bean out of theblack man we have some corngotta have some corn oh yeah gotta helpcool you know got him cornered give methat color right i’ma teach everybody asecret here you know the best thingabout all of it is of course Big Daddybomb y’all got Big Daddy bomb bulky sodon’t make it if you don’t have thatright yeah and we all you know we justlove ya we just we just do a bob wellmeasure it another 15 ounces the powdertake it you know I’m Sam here’s a secretI don’t know if anybody does it but whenyou cook with some monster right hahamonth it enhances their thing they takeyou some mustn’t he just go here okay wetalked about this last time he was goneI’ve done between a pinch and a pinchright done you take a glop so we’regoing from a pinch of paints to a Glockyou take a little glop and there wereyou like that and I’m gonna tell yousomething yeah as you go you knoweverything youjust a little sweetness how you take youknow your air just little sugar to themix oh no no that’s why I said you knowthat is we did a pinch the paints toglopthat’s the swizzle you have to do theswizzle so look it didn’t get a shot atlook how it is and it turns those colorsright and you know couples in therethose black beans those are the corn inthereBig Daddy bottom barbecue sauce and ify’all had smell-a-vision everybodyís athome right now grabbing some bread somecrackers and all the good stuff weactually gonna eat y’all so we are oh Isee my patch got a missing ghost raincuz we’re cooking there every secondSaturday ghost train that’s when I havemy grill out you want to see how itreally get down come see me ghost traindowntown okay on the third Saturday I’llbe at Piggly Wiggly on Bluff Park everythird and I’m cooking Boston butts ribschicken to order you get to take somehome and of course Piggly Wiggly got toget the Big Daddy bottom barbecue sauceyeah everybody needs us in that kitchenmayonnaise mustard ketchup Big Daddy BigDaddyfry something gotta go let it go and putreplace it with Big Daddy’s but I’m tellyou this right here the Southwest bakedbeansBig Daddy bounce I what baby it is goodit is either fixed okay after schoolquick you know a couple of can pop poppop yeah put this up in let it cookitself go back in the room and come onback get your bowl and Papa and momswith multiples really great really greatfor my with multiples you put it on letit summer come back made all the kidsyou know just everybody just sit at thetable didn’t mess it all up why do I puton the bed you know I’m saying and thisstuff actually makes young kids sleep soyou know puts them down for evening theeyes are could take it to put in thebottle if you really mess it up withinabout Big Daddy bottom barbecue sauceand about it’s almost like you know it’sclose I heard it as close tobreastfeeding as possible so it’s goodand healthy so you gotta put weight onthe foot listen we’re gonna take acommercial break but when we come back Iwant to hear some more of the detailsabout that cook-off you have going on inlate March definitely don’t do that allright sounds gooddo not go anywhere up next we havedetails about how you can become amember of the railroad Park Foundation

19 Replies to “Big Daddy Bomb BBQ Sauce Southwest Baked beans Part 1

  1. Nooooo lol dont wash ur chicken in the sink so much bacteria on it! And you could of taken ya shirt of while ya cook lol thanks mate 🤭

  2. Cooking is getting to be a lost art, I’ve been doing it professionally for 50 years. Workouts… Cooking… You’re such an inspiration!

  3. More recipes would be awesome! I just defrosted a pack of chicken that I will use to cook this in next day or two. Looks amazing!

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