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Big Daddy Bomb BBQ Sauce Southwest Baked beans Part2

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Video Transcription

and we’re back in the major kitchentoday with you waiting for Big Daddybomb barbecue sauce and you’ve prettymuch finished up the beans right Heylook it don’t take longyou know what I didn’t have plannedwatching you and all that yeah wethrough but let’s go gotta get my shotof this yeah it is a shot of the colornight and you know they always say youalways make I eat so you know we’regonna do you try that Wow my well youknow I would try a lot and then I go outwe’re actually circle around but I’mmaking the data is we’re talking aboutthis a little bit about barbecue saucealong with our two fish and five loavesghost train and uh pygmy we all cometogether to do a cook-off it’s so youthink you can cook Birmingham it’s gonnabe uh watch the twenty fourth downtownBirmingham you can either go on mywebsite or you can sign up that day justget it out of the sign up to be in thecompetition we’re doing for a second andthird of chili chicken over hips andwe’re also doing our $10 to walk aroundand taste everybody food and taste localbeer and wine so it’s gonna be a greattime it’s our first one I am very veryexcited about I’m actually gonna justcook for the people I’m not in thecompetition but I’m hosting you knowjust want people to get a get a chanceto taste the sauce on some barbecue meatwe’re getting ready for barbecue seasonyou know that this is the kick to kickoff to the season you know I’m sayingbut we’re also gonna put some pots outthere we’re gonna do some chiliBig Daddy got a chili tuna got youmissed the chili but I mean I’m justexcited I’m excited by being here abouttelling people about tell their friendsvisit our website I’ll go to the storebut we really need though we really needwe need team Big Daddy oh I gotsomething we got a bitch with you cuzwe’re doing Big Daddy bomb barbecue so aBig Daddy’s beauties so you take apicture with the Bible barbecue sauceright hashtag BD b BQ beauty okayand in December you can win $500 forChristmas on yourself so it’s the bigdirty bomb BBQ beauties and we’re gonnaput that together we’re gonna havepeople taking pictures with the bottlewe’re gonna put you on the front pagerightI bet and um tell everybody they got tostep up to that standard or they justlost already we can’t get you to 500 cuzthey don’t think it’s big stuff so we’lljust we’ll give you some work 500dollars of stuff you know but weactually havemy man we did and this meal was sosimple it was it was so again tell usyour website where people can go andlearn more www Big Daddy sauces llc.comyou know just hit the link that’s ownthat’ll be on y’all page okay and thengo there and find out about it and wecan do it like that and now the picturecontest how do you submit those picturesyou just take the picture you at thebottom and upload it to hashtag bdbbcube beauty if it’s on Facebook TwitterInstagram we like the Instagram but tellme either one I’m at the hashtag yeahwe’ll collect okay sounds good awesomewell we’re gonna do another taste testor have the invites and more people intothe kitchen come on everybody get yourbowl and get your spoon we’re gonna havefun and we’re gonna do with you and it’sjust that simple and just that quickawesome love it hey don’t go far afterthe break Nicole is showing us where youcan get your hands on this beautifulhandmade furniture in Pelham you’rewatching talk about with me

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