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Camp cooking Pork ribs – Easy BBQ sauce recipe

Hello to all of you. Wellcome to our new video , and today we are going to show you nice and easy recipe for Pork ribs whit really easy BBQ sauce.
Camping cooking is enough easy to do. If you know how to make a good fire for cooking. If you love camping and good food , this is your channel.
For the BBQ sauce also you can add whatever you like . Mustard or more hot sauce , maybe more spices . The meat is a small pig ribs from chest area.

Camp cooking is great, when you get the final result and you are satisfied from it. The honey make it taste nice and sweet from the top but is clean and good cooked inside. You can try same recipe at home !
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My name is Borislav and Im filming all of this with the help of my love Neli.
We are from Bulgaria and as you already know we love our nature and delicious food.
And one day i decided to buy a brand new camera and start this YouTube channel.
That was one of my dreams , and i waned to make this true .I love to wild camping and hiking in the wild that what make me happy and now i want YOU to be part of my journey.To make my hobby even more interesting for me and now for you too.
And if our channel grow whit your help , if we hit 1000 subscribes till the end of 2020 , i promise to buy a brand new GoPro 8 and capture whit 1000% more quality video. So if you do want to help us , please hit that subscribe button. The montage of the every video is so much time consuming . I learning new things about it every day the make the quality even better.
We’ll love to hear you opinion in the comments down bellow .

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