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Carolina BBQ Sauce & BurgerFit Tacos – BurgerFit Friday

It’s BurgerFit Friday sponsored by Koops Mustard! With COVID-19 continuing to spread, our BurgerFit team is taking extra precautions to stay quarantined. We will not have guests on the show to be respectful of social distancing.

Fletcher and Alane made a Carolina BBQ sauce using Spicy Brown Koops Mustard and drizzled it over BurgerFit tacos! This Carolina BBQ sauce would be perfect for marinating, grilling, or dipping! Very versatile and delicious! Get the recipe below!

-1/2 cup spicy brown mustard
-1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
-1/4 cup olive oil
-2 tbsp honey
-Garlic powder to taste
-Salt to taste

-Put everything in a mason jar
-Screw the lid on and shake!
-Drizzle over BurgerFit tacos.

BurgerFit Friday is sponsored by Koops’ Mustard.
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Video Transcription

[Music]happy burger fit FridayFletcher and I are gonna show you how tomake a Carolina mustard sauce with thespicy brown mustard we like this one huhlove this little spice that’s in thereand we are going to put it over burgerfit tacos and it is delicious I eat themyesterdayand I couldn’t wait to do this to showyou what I did all right Fletch you’regonna help me make the sauce right soStephanie on our teamshe is infamous for doing jar sauces anddressings so we are taking one out ofher book to make this all right Fletchlet’s first put the spicy Brown Coop’smustard in there you ready all right wewant to know about 1/2 of a cup ofmustard in here so and I say aboutbecause it’s really about yourpreference and what you like things totaste like so you can add more at less Imean that goes for any of ouringredients all right then we’ve got 1/4of a cup of balsamic vinegarI love balsamic vinegar it has likesweetness with the vinegar already nowif you don’t have balsamic this wouldalso do really well with like an applecider vinegar then we got about ateaspoon of Worcestershire hey boys yourshirt that was pretty good all right getthat in there you can also do lemonjuice too if you don’t have any moistureShire in your refrigerator all right andthen olive oil I have 1/4 of a cup hereand this can also be another one of theingredients sometimes you might want alittle bit more of a liquidy I didn’tlet you do that huhsorry bud a liquidy texture so and youdon’t need something so add more oliveoil or whatever other kind of cookingthat you use coconut can be a little bitdifficult to work with because theysolidify so you know whatever yourpreference is but you can use coconutoil all right and then we’ve got somehoney here right all right we’ve got 2tablespoons of honey we wanted to makethis keto whole 30 I guess that whole 30bit keto and paleo friendly as much aspossible so have thethe honey in there instead of a brownsugar and Fletcher was dying to eat thishoney so I had to hurry up and get thisfilm and go in alright and then the lastlittle bit of ingredients is some saltand garlic and I say to taste herebecause it really is depending on howmuch you like look at it all good inthere huhall right so this is already salt andgarlic powder I just threw a bunch inhere and I’m gonna put about half thismixture in there hey that’s looking coolhuh yeah you don’t need to put all thatin therealright so I’m gonna shake this up butyours gonna help me alright pleasureshake it up shake it up really good andwhile you’re shakin I’m gonna get ourtaco out Blitzer actually helps me getthe cilantro from our garden too so keepshaking sweetheart all right so we’vegot a taco tortilla shell that I madeand I actually get a bun to my pantry onthis one it is just sold olive oilalmond flour and an egg and I make italmost like a pancake batter you shakeit up let’s taste it you and your littletight out let me get a little shake moreshaking action move on in here so thisis it it’s so easy and then you canstore it in here so you’re not dirtyingany more dishes than you need to allright taste it mmmoh yeah just stick your finger way downin there no big dealand if you like it sweeter – you caneven add more honey in there or maplesyrup – that’s always tasty I’ve got myburger fit burgers I did the spinach andmushroom burger fit burger I just brokeit up on here and then this is onion andcilantro thanks sweetheart for gettingthe onion and the cilantro or thecilantro from the garden and I just likemine really messy I’m known for makingburritos that are way too fat with waytoo much stuff that one tortilla canhandle and then we’re gonna pour ourCoop’s mustard Carolina barbecue sauceover this oh my goodness look how yummythat is here if you want to just do likea little taste test here how’s thatburger with my sauce on there mmmthere you go YUM and then I’m gonna takea bite of the tacothanks everybody for joining us forburger fit Friday let us know if youmake this did you like that buddy[Music]you

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  1. This looks delicious 😋 so hungry now 🤗 thanks for sharing, hope your keeping safe & well 👍🤗🇬🇧

  2. That pulled pork looks delicious and am pretty sure it also taste good. It makes me wanna dance while eating it.

  3. This barbecue video makes me hungry and thank you for making this wonderful content and everyone share your love to this channel.

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