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Chicken BBQ Sauce Pizza – Homemade Pizza – Homemade Pizza Youtube

Have a lot of mails about making this one, could not be easier, chicken n bbq sauce that’s it. Enjoy


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Chicken BBQ Sauce Pizza – Homemade Pizza – Homemade Pizza Youtube

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome back once again to how to cookgreat food calm and another Pizza builtso if you’re not familiar with theseries that we do at the moment we’renot actually going to be making theirdough or the sauce in this we’re justbuilding them if you want to know how tomake either of those there’s a linkbelow for each of them and both thevideos will pop up at the end the doughmixture is very very easy and works wellevery single time today we’re doingchicken with barbecue saucesuper easy my kids love lists let’s getthe dog together right now[Music][Music]okay so you just see me get the pizzasdown ready if you’re going to use myrecipe you’re going to get two of theseout of that recipe with these are 12inches so what we’re going to do is getsome sauce on there one to threetablespoons of that and again this sauceis a no cooked sauce it’s super easy andthe link will be underneath in the textand again the video will pop up at theend I’m gonna get some cheese on thisand mozzarella I’m using the grated typesometimes I use grated sometimes theyuse the block you know me just slice itoff and again not too much sauce not toomuch cheesethat’s it let’s move on okay it’s gonnaadd some chicken now now what I’ve donewith this chicken it’s a breast chickenno skin no bone I just boiled it in somesalt water just for five minutesso it’s cooked nicely I’m gonna placethat all over and then we’re gonna addsome barbecue sauce to this one now ifyou want you could mix the chicken withthe barbecue sauce first get it allmixed in and then put it on I don’t liketo do that I like to just get this onthere so got some big you love barbecuesauce Chinese you know one that you likeMike and I smoked one or something we’rejust gonna spoon that around or squeezeit on if you’ve got a squeeze top typething now get your oven really hotmaximum heat because this needs to go infor about six minutes in my ovenone more thing give a bit of jointOregon Oh or oregano in that goes jobdone soon about six minutes okay thereyou go that was six minutes in my ovenfantastic nice and easyfavorite with the kids well my kidsanyway I hope you enjoyed that don’tforget to subscribe to our channel aboutnow the dough mixture and the saucemixture should be popping up lots oflove[Music]

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