BBQ Sauce Recipes


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Video Transcription

[Music]hey man good morning wait good afternoonit is 4 o’clock in the afternoon andwhere me through our meals and this iswhat is it calledchickens meatballs with stuff insidewhat kind of seasonings Italianseasoning so we’re gonna put this inhere for 20 minutes[Music]look at bubs guys patiently waiting fortrue he just sits there until I give himsomething so we’re gonna go in hischaracter yes I know yes thank you Ohcan’t wait I only got a little bit offeet[Music][Music][Music]it does okay so I’m cutting up someonions and garlic for my homemadebarbecue sauce so I’m gonna make my ownbarbecue sauce using some tomato sauceand molasses I was gonna use ketchup butI’m trying to be a little healthier andraciss and I have some diced jalapenosafterwards I’m probably gonna make someGlocke with some avocados yeah okay sofirst thingto you[Music]hey time to check on the ball[Music]okay a few more minutes[Music]okay guys I don’t really have a recipeI’m just going by what I some stuff likeingredients I saw online and try to makea good barbecue sauce with it to go withthe onionsI mean onions to go withokay meatballs there you go Thank Youdoor jeez I don’t know where my brain isout today I don’t know where it isa little bitoh my god there’s that anything Aprilwait two months[Music]Karnas not workingsome too latethis is what I can have nice day[Music]okay you’re here taste itas it takesit’s good it’s good hmsure no I got a different spin why Idon’t know get salt to it mm-hmmit’s good yeah you do that salt whowould spicy okay guys the meatballs arechicken meatballs are done because Ididn’t have to make sure it was good andnow we’re just letting the homemadebarbecue sauce take it up a bitI think that’ll be good and then now I’mgonna make some clock because god isdeliciouswith everything I’m gonna look for somethere you golike pitted and pepper just one we don’thave any more so I’m gonna put that isMike walk and then get some more onionsthis cute little tiny alright guys sothis is my dinner for the nightI am like things just fell outthey got hot sauce on it dang it I gottaclean that off in a little bit I’m gonnaeat my dinner I mean I don’t often tellyou that healthy but it’s not fast it’sjust two tiny meatballs someone willwait BBQ sauce a lot of chips and salsaall right guys I think I’m gonna end ithere thank you guys so much for watchingmy vlog don’t forget to Like andsubscribe so I can see you in my nextvideo bye bye[Music]


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