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Cooking rub with barbecue sauce pork ribs

This video segment I’ll be taking you step by step recipe on how to prepare n cook pork ribs with a rub and barbecue sauce. I also left ribs in oven for a time duration of 1 hour n 30 mins. Hope you enjoy and remember to like n subscribe. #nativechef #barbecueporkribs #diy #cookathome #supperideas

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Video Transcription

[Music]okay so today’s supper we are havingpork ribs or dry mix rub will be acombination of garlic salt garlic powderand once your steak after you have itrubbed on with something show you in abit we’re gonna put this on here we gookay so now after you separate them I soyou’re just gonna put on your rub mix soa little bit at a time here and therewhatever you have left you can like saveover and you rub them all in as so okayokayokay now after it’s all rubbed in we’regonna be using this and just gonna sprayit on a little yeah what then after theseasonings and liquid seasonings we’regonna add our chopped onion which um Inoticed already did so it’s gonna livein you know it’ll like evaporate andthen deer operate within the meatseasoning so we’re gonna cover thisopportunity for Oh put it in the oven of350 degrees for one hour so we are gonnabe done this lovely thing at maybe 40[Music]

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