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Cooking with Chef Bryan – BBQ Chicken with Incredible BBQ Sauce

BBQ chicken is delicious, but it’s this BBQ sauce that makes it amazing. Simple to make, this sauce adds the right sweet and spicy kick to your favorite summertime bbq chicken!

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Video Transcription

triple dog dare what’s that to sing theintro oh go ahead I just got a rap fromthe producer so we gotta get right to myvery delicious barbecue chicken I lovethis and I’m starting off with someonions and garlic and I’m just choppingup mincing up the garlic I’ll chop upthe onions here but I was sitting at mygrandmother’s porch up in Preston manyyears ago and is actually as when shewas still alive and then I watching Romathat was so amazing delicious a barbecuecame through the air from my neighborJodie Crockett up there hi Jodiof course grew up with her parents intheir house and everything and I beingme just walked over there because Iwanted to know what it was and so Iwalked over there and was introducedthis most amazing barbecue sauce andchicken and I have to share it with youso this is my rendition of it it’s veryvery simple started off like I said withmincing up some garlic I’m gonna chop upsome onions here to go into it I havesome sugar and water that started toboil here as well as I’m going to addsome corn syrup to so I’m gonna create acaramel base essentially so that’s whatI’m going to do here now I just boughtand I’m going to use a just astore-bought prepared barbecue sauce asthe flavoring on it so we’re not makingthe actual barbecue sauce we’re actuallygoing to enhance it to be that muchbetter so I’m gonna let this come up toa boil for about Oh 2 to 3 minutes atwhich then I’m gonna add in this garlicand the onion and let it absolutely justjust steep in that caramel that we’regonna start making and it is sodelicious I can’t wait but my big secretwith my chicken is I always worry aboutunderdone chicken because you know rawchicken isn’t a good thing so what I dois I actually cook the chicken in theoven until it’s fully cooked 165 degreesinternally I’ll do this day before abarbecue and just put it in therefrigerator then until the barbecue andthen what you’re going to do is Mark iton the grill you guys so this is the keyand when we come back I’ll finish thisup I’ll explain more what I mean bymarking on the grilland our barbecue sauce will be ready togono smart thanks a lot

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