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D C “Mambo” Sauce!

How to make D.C.’s famous “Mambo” or ‘Mumbo” sauce that Taste amassing on any food that you would used ketchup or BBQ sauce.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello my name is Eddie Clark DC styleMon visage here the materials we neededfor this material is a big pot and onebig spoon stirring up Marvel stuffsurrounding it around okay secondingredient or material needed is a 164ounce size ketchup right here thirdingredient we got it’s a puppy cup Ilike saying fabrica I don’t know how todecide you get a say but that’s pre-cutand you got a light brown sugar lightbrown not dark brown as you can see adark brown this light brown thank youvery much we needed some Vasko socksgive that kick to the sauce six thegreen eight we need that vinegar yougive that sizzle the kick the one youneed to make your mouth water just waterout yes as first step you just dump allof it all the kids in just in in thepocket medium which if you you have thiskind of oven 2005 during this processyou want to make sure you startregularlyburn you catch it what makes it stick tothe water you should put your breathinto 3/4 of your brown sugar your papaRica in the vinegar in the potyou see you see the paprika gave it thatcertain color of a darker shade of redset up the actual ketchup red is it agood smoky flavor next step you’re gonnatake our Abasto the kick in the stepimportant half of it because you don’tknow how much you need and half is itlike the regular amount and if you wantto add more you add more into the sauceyeah now I’m gonna turn our stove offwith theThanksit works for anything like french friesfried chicken[Laughter]

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