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How to make BBQ chicken in the oven.

Baked BBQ chicken. Bake for 40-45 minutes on 425. Season salt, black pepper and garlic powder. Use your favorite BBQ sauce.

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Video Transcription

hi YouTube family I’m back again withanother video today we’re gonna bemaking some baked barbecue chicken inthe oven so we’re gonna go ahead and getstarted I have some legs here and somechicken thigh so I’m just gonna go aheadand store it season these up I have someseasoned salt here and I just put themin my pot here so you can cover themreal good with the seasoning season thefront and the back of the chicken now Ialready washed my chicken out huh offbut I still have a little water so I’mgonna drain that water out okay I’mgonna go ahead and put some black pepperin here to both sides and I got somegarlic here go ahead and see some bothsides and I like to massage theseasoning through my chicken turn itaround make sure it get on both sidesyou don’t ever want to cook chicken andit’s just taste on one side and theother side is bland so you want to makesure it’s massaged good in thereand I believe I’m adding a little bitmore black pepper massage that in atfirst I thought about just doing bakedchicken but since I have some barbecuesauce we’re gonna go ahead and bake itand put some barbecue sauce on it tooso what I’m gonna do is go ahead andstore it laying it on the pan here againI have chicken legs and some skinlesschicken thighs I didn’t realize thethigh sore skinless but that’s evenbetter a little bit more healthier overnight as well but since we go ahead andhave this today I’m gonna go ahead andpop this in the oven now so and thenwe’ll come back once the chicken is donein the oven okay we’ll be back I’ll beback once it’s done okay guys I got thebaked chicken here and I’m gonna goahead and put my barbecue sauce on hereI’m using some bleeding some barbecuesauce I already baked my chicken thebeginning of the video I don’t know whathappenedso we justso from here I already baked itI had my garlic salt pepper and thenseasoned salt just kept it simple andnow I baked it for about 40 minutes on425 I have some skinless thigh and somelegs here and what I’m going to do isI’m just slap it on some barbecue sauceand then I’m gonna do the opposite sideas well one thing when you barbecue inthe oven you go to put your sauce on gotto make sure you put some on both sidesso I’m just um flip these over to eachother but still hot just got about loveand dice whip it overI like Williamston barbecue sauce afterI use that that’s the closest thing Ican get to what I’m anali get when I goback home Texas Louisiana area without agood barbecue sauce I don’t think yourbarbecue ison point you can say barbecue all daybut if your sauce is nasty it’s notgonna be as that barbecue sauce at leastto me so let me just start this aroundmy foot seats over I usually have alittle brush but I couldn’t find ittoday so I’m just using a little caddything here my barbecue sauce on whateverworks hey we like the barbecue sauce somuch let me just pour some on and Ithought what I’m gonna do is let thisbake a little longer and let thebarbecue sauce still in there and I’msort all that barbecue sauce so what I’mgonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and putthat back in the oven and let it simmerin this barbecue sauce and then we’ll beback okay guys I’m back here –is– okayguys here is the finished product withthe baked chicken you can see it’sfilled in more after I go ahead and bakemy chicken first then I went on and putmy sauce on there so you can see it’sall on both sides so what I’m gonna dois plate this up so you guys can seewe just gonna park here I made some ofmy famous stir-fried cabbage to go alongwith it and here’s the baked barbecuechicken guys I hope you enjoyed therecipe again I let me just do a recap Iwash my chicken real goodI put seasoned salt garlic black pepperand I baked it for 40 minutes and thisis the barbecue sauce we use I put thebarbecue sauce on both sides don’tforget to put it on both sides andyou’re good all righty if you like tosee more videos like this please like itsubscribe see you next time with anothervideo bye bye

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