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How to make BBQ Sauce | From SCRATCH | Using Frozen Garden tomatoes (Canning)

Making BBQ sauce from SCRATCH using Frozen Garden tomatoes is Awesome!

Note: Please ensure you check how long you need to hot water bath your BBQ sauce. This is dependent on the size of jar you are using as well as where you live. you may need to increase or decrease the time depending on the altitude.

If you make your BBQ sauce too hot for taste, no worries! You can cut the heat with honey or brown sugar and some vinegar! Add it in small amounts until you are happy with the new taste.

I doubled all the ingredients for my BBQ sauce, because I had 43 pounds of Tomatoes!

20 pounds of tomatoes
1/2 pint / container of molasses
2 cups of brown sugar
2 tb paprika
½ tb Chipotle pepper
3 tb Garlic powder
1 tea cinnamon
½ cup honey
½ tb sp of crushed pepper
2 tb salt
½ onion powder or flakes
1/2 tb red chili pepper flakes
1/2 cup apple cidar vinegar
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/2 of the container of Dijon mustard

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