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Ava’s Mom Mandy reviews | BEASTRO HOT BBQ sauce | HEADWRAPS & HANDCRAFTED Jewelry

Welp, we have another REVIEW vid! This time we take it to my local NEW JERSEY “Pop-up” shop and go over some of my favorite product purchases.
First, I talk about the “sweet heat” of BEASTRO HOT BBQ sauce!! And let me tell you….YOU NEED THIS SAUCE…PERIOD! Not a compromise! Just get it! NOW!
Next we have the beautiful ladies of COVERD BY RYAN and MOE. Those gals hand make ALL of there beautiful jewelry! They were so knowledgeable about the stones and gems they create with. They left me super confident with my purchase. AND THEY GIVE THE BEST MASSAGES….or so I’ve heard! Y’all GOTTA check them out! ASAP!!
You can find them on Instagram @CoveredByRM or email
Lastly, thee gorgeous and humble soul of SEVEN SYMBOLS OF KWANZAA, took me straight to my roots! My good Sis schooled me to some Kwanzaa knowledge I NEVER KNEW! I had it wrong all along!! I highly encourage you all to stop by and learn you a little something about this very beautiful, very rich celebration of life, family, and community. Plus, I got the absolute best head wrap of my life….it’s the best because it’s the 1st and only…. FOR NOW! I WILL ONE MILLION PERCENT be back to purchase another!
Stop, and visit

You have something you’d like to see me review? Let me know in the comments…and I got you!! ?

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