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Tomato Sauce(Chatni) and Green Sauce(Chatni) Recipes
How to make Easy and Tasty Chatni
Ingredients and Directions
Tomato Chatni(Sauce)
Tomatoes (tamater) 2
Dried red chilies (khushak Lal mirch) 3-4
Garlic (Lehsan) 1clove
Grind well
Salt(Namak) to taste
Brown sugar (Shakar) 1 tbsp
Mix well
Green Chatni (Sauce)
Coriander leaves (Sabz dhania)
Green Chili (Sabz mirch)
Mint leaves (Podina)
Garlic (Lehsan)
Green onion (Sabz pyaz)
Brown sugar (Shakar)
Salt (Namak) to taste
Grind well

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