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How To Make Grilled BBQ Pork Steaks using the Blackstone and Sear’NSizzle™ GrillGrate

Guest Chef Thomas Scarano of Gallery Backyard BBQ returns with another GRATE recipe!
On this show we will turn our Flat-top into a grill using the grillGrate Sear’NSizzle™. Its BBQ grilled pork steaks on the Blackstone.

Ingredient list:
Pork Steaks
Pineapple rings
Pineapple chunks
White Rice
Your favorite BBQ sauce

Cook pork steaks 5 Minutes then flip then sauce. 4-5 minutes then flip.
Follow that process flipping every few minutes while saucing in-between

SearNSizzle™ Grate for Blackstone:
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Original of the video here

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