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How to make Oven Baked BBQ Fried Chicken | Collaboration with Taste of Trini

This is my first collaboration video with Taste of Trini. We both did our classic fried chicken recipes below is the link to her video. Dont Forget to Subscribe.

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Oven Baked BBQ Fried Chicken

6 pcs of Chicken (Leg and Thighs)

2 eggs
1 tps of green seasoning
1 tbs hot sauce
2 tps Habanero Yellow Scorpion Pepper Sauce
1/2 tps garlic powder
1/2 minced onion or onion powder
1/2 tps of paprika

Flour Mixture
1 cup of flour
1/2 tps dried thyme
1/2 tps black pepper
1 tps cayenne powder

Spray with cooking spray and Bake at 400 F for 45 mins

BBQ Sauce

1/2 cup of sriracha ketchup
1/4 bullseye BBQ sauce
2 tps mustard
1 tps soya sauce

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Video Transcription

welcome to what’s in the pot i’m yourhost sean grande and today we’recollabing with our fellow youtubecreator taste of triniand we’re doing a fried chicken recipei’m doing my oven baked fried chickenand she’s doing her traditional stylefried chicken now we’re collaborating onboth videosso you can check out my video right nowand then you can also check out hervideo belowso don’t forget to like share andsubscribe to both of our channels it’swhat’s in the potso for this recipe i’m using six piecesof chicken just some legging thighs ifyou got wings you can go ahead and usethat it’s reallyup to you on what pieces of chicken youhave in your fridgenow for the marinade i’m starting withone eggi’m gonna add some green seasoning andwe want to add a little bit moreseasoning because the last timewe did it we just did an egg and hotsauce mixture so we’re gonna change itup a little biton the marinade side now i’m addingmaybe a few tablespoons maybe equivalentabout one tablespoon oftapatio hot sauce seasoning and i’madding about two teaspoons of thishabanero trinidadyellow scorpion pepper seasoning tastesabsolutely amazing it’s nice and spicybut not too hoti’m adding some garlic powder and someminced onion if you don’t have mince onyou can use onion powderand a little touch of paprika nowbecause i added less liquids from thehot sauce i’m adding a tiny touch ofwater not too much we don’t want toowatery and want to give that a good mixour next step is to add our marinade tothe chickenand what we’re going to do is we’regoing to make sure we get all thatmarinade and all that seasoning into thechickenso you can use your hands you can usegloves it’s really up to you if you’retouching raw chicken just make sure youwash your hands afteri was about to put in the fridge and inoticed the sauce is a little bit morerunnier than the last oneso what we’re doing is adding one moreegg so all together two eggs and we’regonna give it one more quick mixand then we’re gonna be covering up withsaran wrap and then put in the fridgefor overnight we’re gonna start makingour flour mixture so i’m addingone cup of flour i’m adding a little bitofthyme this is the dried jamaican time igot from kalu boxand i’m also adding some black pepperi’m gonna add not too much seasoning onthis end i’m adding because moreseasoning was addedtowards the marinade and i’m also addingsome canned pepper what i’m gonna do isgive that a good mix and we’re gonna goahead and start getting our chickenready to get into the ovennow i have my oven set at 400 degreesand what we’re going to do is we’regoing to take each piece of chickenand then we’re going to dredge them inthe flour make sure it gets nice andcoatedonce it gets that nice flour coatingwith that mixture and that flavorswe’re going to add them in our foil panand i have this lightly greasedremember our oven is set to 400 degreesand we’re going to be baking thisat 45 minutesall our pieces have been dredged in ourseasoned flourthe next step before we pop it in theoven is just use a little bit of thiscooking spray to give it that nicecrispiness and make that skincrisp up when it goes into the oven nowfor our bbq sauce make sure i’m addingsome sriracha ketchupif you don’t have sriracha ketchup youcan use sriracha and ketchup combined orketchup and hot saucei’m adding some of this bullseyebarbecue flavor i really like thesmokiness if you don’t have bullseye anykind of smoky barbecueflavor will work i’m also adding somemustard now for me i like adding alittle bit mush in my barbecue saucesomething i do from time to time so goahead and add a little bit of mustardeven dijon mustard will workand a little bit of this soy sauce giveit a nice little salty flavor and we’regoing to give that a good mixafter 50 minutes i left the chicken in alittle bit longer than i should have soit burnt up a little bit but it’s allgood because it’s still nice and crispywhat we’re doing for the barbecue fry iswe’re going to be coatingthe chicken completely in this barbecuesauce as the chicken is nice and hotit’sstill going to be nice and crunchy andit’s going to be coated with thatbeautiful barbecue sauce we just createdyou can see towards the end i kind ofjust dunk the piece of chickenum so get both sides of the chickencovered ideally you can just make alittle bit moresauce and then go ahead and kind of justdunk the chicken ininstead of just basting it if thechicken’s too hot but you want to makesure you bake the chicken when it’s hotto give it that nice coating becausewe’re gonna seehere we see the crispiness we see thesweetened stickiness of the sauceit’s absolutely amazing it’s deliciousso thank you very much for tuning in towhat’s in the pot thank you very much torashmi from taste of trini forcollaborating with me on this videodon’t forget to like share and subscribeto both of our channelsuntil next time stay safe and have ablessed weekpeace[Music]

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