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How To Make The Best Juicy BBQ Salmon!

I hope you all enjoy this delicious recipe!

Wild sockeye salmon
BBQ sauce
Sweet Onion

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Video Transcription

hello welcome back to my Channel today Iwill make baked salmon about from Costcoit’s called wild sockeye salmon I willuse barbecue sauce and some moreseasonings and ingredients about thisbarbecue sauce from the caster’s longit’s very good taste for the kisses ok 4tablespoons now release a little bitmale 4 barbecue sauce you make a littlebit softer taste then barbecue will notbe so suremix together now I will apply sauce tothis song very nice table air now I willsprinkle a little bit with seasoningsalt in the top i preheated oven at 400to turn height and now I will put Salmanto the oven for 25 minutes while Salmanand oven I will prepare some vegetablesI will serve with someone with olive oiland lemon I gotta cut the onion with alittle bowl add some olive oilsome lemon juiceone clove garlic chop really weirdtiny little pieces and I will mixtogetherstress sweet onions will serve withSelman let its marinate while someone inthe oven okaykado we used to walk on the side thefish and I will serve someone withtomatoes I’ll cut them four pieces thosetomatoes so fresh okay our salmon isready[Music]barbecue sauce so good tomato avocadoit’s not dry though it’s very good andjuicy because we put very thick layerand barbecue sauce on the top it’s sogood thank you so much for watching myvideos I’ll see you next time with newvideos goodbye have a wonderful day[Music]

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