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Mama’s Lemon BBQ Sauce

A fantastic but easy lemony sweet BBQ sauce! Perfect for any type of meat. Use for basting or finishing. Sauce it up with this South Georgia style sauce!

Chopped onion (1/4 cup or more)
2 Tbls of butter (for cooking onions)
1 Cup Catsup
1/2 Cup of Water (adjust as needed)
2 Tbls Brown Sugar
1 Tbls Worcestershire Sauce
2 Tbls Vinegar
1 1/2 Tbls Lemon Juice
Thin Lemon Slices
Cook onions until translucent in butter
Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer for 1 hour

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Video Transcription

hi folks dr. J here today I’m going tostart my little series on showing mymom’s legacymy mother was an is an amazing cook andjust had this barbecue sauce recipe thatI had to try so we’re gonna get startedwith that and I hope you guys enjoyokay let’s start off with ouringredients here we have a tablespoonabout two tablespoons of butter and mymom said a quarter cup or more ofchopped onion so I’ve diced them up realfinely like the way I like him a hot tipfor you to is if you’re in the unit goto all the trouble of chopping onion -dragon after cutting board in your knifeyou may as well take what you don’t needand freeze it Diesel’s these alas reallyfor a very long time in the freezer Iusually buy the peppers in a bag andthen they’re there they’re fruit in thefrozen section of Publix where again andI thought hey if they can do that withpeppers why can’t I do they have anonion so we’re gonna took the rest ofthat onion and put it in the freezerall right we got a cup of ketchup abouttwo tablespoons of Worcestershire sauceI’m sorry one tablespoon ofWorcestershire self I’ll have all thisposted up below this is from ahandwritten recipe that my mother sentme that about two tablespoons of justI’m using white vinegar I guess any kindof vinegar would do and about atablespoon and a half of lemon juice 2tablespoons of I’m using light brownsugar some thinly sliced pieces of lemonand a half a cup of water now I may needto add a little water to this recipe aswe go so let’s put this thing togetheras you start by sauteing your onionsin your and get that going so using oneof those induction cooktops and there’sa couple of reasons I like peace thingsnumber one they save on electricity alot and I’m in the process of building atiny house and that’s what I’m gonna beusing is an induction cooktop don’t endof the modal tiny house so let’s getstarted I’m gonna saute the onions andthen I’ll be right back okay as you seeyou have melted the butter down on hereand onions are starting getting thetranslucent we’re gonna cook them justwe can’t in words I’ll tell you what itsmells prey already if you ever use aninduction cooktop I have forgotten thisthing it gets instantly high if you’reusing the proper you can spare pans andutensils and I had your dropper down ona medium low because the butter wasstarting to burn so they get extremelyhot if you want to cook a steak in acast-iron skillet these bad boys are thethey really really get hot baths andthey stay like a really long time nowwe’re gonna try summering this that’s alast step let’s go getting that ourdreams firstso that’s that upper ketchup you knowwhat I think I’m gonna add the waterfirst you might need to add a littlemore water to get the proper consistencywith less let’s say under water per thekind of D plays and as they saythis is gonna be simmering for a whileso you know your onions aren’t perfectlytranslucent things quality no no let’sadd ketchupso this is one cup of ketchup I don’thave a cup of water just to thin it outa little bit I think and that’s goodlet’s marryhey now the next thing we’re going toadd is I’m going to have my vinegar inhere so this is a two type of spin as avinegar I said I’m just using whitevinegar and then about a tablespoon ofWorcestershire sauce I’m really like theflavor was pure sauce some people don’tbut if you like it you like it spinningover my nice clean kitchen that startedwith that barbecue sauce and this isreally the secret ingredient is thelimit this is a little sweet lemonybarbecue saucemy mother invented it and it was alwaysone of my absolute favorites and I madeher send me the recipe we’re gonna tryanother one that that she makes it’s alittle more difficult but it’s stillgonna be deliciousalright next let’s add our brown sugarin here two tablespoons of brown sugarand then I’m gonna let this cook downfor just a tad Oh medium you know outenough to at least melt that brown sugarDaniel good reward that dissolving thereand then as soon as we kind of mix it upgot it simmering then I’m going to putin these nice lemon slices and she saidjust let it cook for those lemon slicesand I decided that we’re gonna put it ina personal marinara jar but it it shouldkeep in the fridge you know for a prettygood while I keep storing in there Iwould eat it up with him probably justin case but I’ll be back and then wewill discuss how this thing to look atshe said once once you get it simmer indelay to simmer for an hour so this ismy legacy for my mother who raised threeboys in a little small town and I thinkthe funny cool thing about my mom and mygrandmother tooboth excellent cooked was that you knowthere were no fast-food places therewere no real restaurants in this town soyou know he wanted it she pretty muchhad to figure out how to cook it shesaid she was having tacos today with dadand I have a feeling that those tacoswere better than he could ever get in acertain fast-food restaurant although Igot it minutes later you could talk butI will cook barbecue sauce and then Iwill let this simmer took all the yeahsorry for my crappy knife skills therethat’s not exactly what you call thinlysliced all right I’m gonna slap these inhere let them cook for a while and thenwhat we’ll do after that is I’ll comeback and we’ll do a little taste testingand test the wood you felt like theconsistency of it I think it’s the bestthing that’s gonna taste and well serveit evermeet that I have available and hope youguys enjoy I’ll be back for its Dylanthanks okay folks here’s the finishedproduct I’ve already tasted it and it isfreaking delicious you know what becauseof the lemon it’s not as on it’s not assweet as you would think it would beit’s actually really good I mean it’sexactly the way I remember tasting itthe way that my mom used to cook it hereis my plate all made up for dinnertonight what I have on here is a smokedchuck roast I have the good fortune ofliving next door to a barbecue place butthere’s I’m close to the main road andthey have this unbelievable barbecueplace over thereAlabama John’s fantastic the lady thatowns its I don’t really know her realname you know she does tells everybodyto call her mama which is hysterical tome because I’m sure she’s much youngerthan I am but she was sweet enough tosmoke a chuck roast for me for threehours and if you’ve never tried smokingthe Chuck pricing he you guys out thereusing your triggers or your weberany kind of your smoke and stuff if youhaven’t smoked the chuck roast you’remissing out I mean it puts a brisket toshame absolutely does but this is whatwe got this is Mama’s barbecue sauce andit’s delicious absolutely deliciousgive it a try it’s really easy and it’sabsolutely fabulous so there you have ita bit of a legacy of my mother she is anunbelievable cook but she had me thatshe had my brother and then anotherbrother so she had three growing boystwo tribe feed on you know a limitedsalary dadgood money but you know it wasn’t Ridgeso she was most creative person I’veever met in my life I mean everythingfrom the stories that she’s written thatshe used to tell us when we were kids toher culinary genius is just an amazingso I’ve got to try to kind of preserveher legacy here with some of her easierdishes some of her kind of over my headbut thank you very much for watching andif you liked it you know it’s asubscribe button and it’s a very minimumclick the like button for me I I heardthat is a good thing so you just clickthe like button and you know subscribeif you liked it not have I have morerecipes but if you’re from the SouthGeorgia Alabama region like actually myneighbors the barbecue place there fromabout the same area to Alabama side butyou know close and if you like that typeof food to South Georgia southernAlabama and you know type of type offood I’m gonna put up some recipes Ithink you’re really gonna enjoy so it’sa subscribe button hit the like ifyou’ve liked it it’s like if you didlike it either way it the hey likebutton thanks a lot guys appreciate yourwatching bye

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