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Meet the Maker – Cornelius Brown of Hazel’s BBQ Sauces

The recipe for Hazel’s BBQ sauce goes back four generations to Hazel Brown’s father who used to make it for the family. Hazel, having 10 children, couldn’t afford to buy BBQ sauce, so she started making it for her family. It’s legendary that she used whole produce such as onions and tomatoes to get that incredibly complex flavor. Hazel’s son Carl Brown, along with two of his brothers began making it and word spread. Soon they were bottling it in mason jars for friends and family. Carl’s been making it for 30 years. About 10 years ago, Carl’s son Cornelius decided he wanted to learn how to make it and start bottling it for local butchers and small markets. Terrified of not making it correctly, Cornelius apprenticed for 10 years. Meet Cornelius Brown of Hazel’s BBQ Sauces.

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