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Quadruple Steak BBQ Burger & BBQ Sauce | 4 Super Marinades

Get 4 great BBQ Flavored slices of meat and put them all in a burger. This will be by far the best burger you will ever make. Make a very healthy and Easy BBQ Sauce by just grilling tomato, pepper, and garlic. You can’t make any healthier bbq sauce for your backyard homemade burger.
For the marinade I took small steaks of beef, put some salt and pepper on them, and used 4 different “seasoning” for them:
1. Basil n mint – put basil and mint on a steak and roll it
2. Lemon n yogurt
3. Spices – black pepper, coriander, paprika (you can add any other spices you want)
4. Onion – this one is my favorite.
As side dishes, I just grilled-caramelized an onion and grilled potatoes.
Watch the video where I have built my first Outdoor Kitchen:

Original of the video here

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