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The Best BBQ Chicken Wings| BBQ Recipe| How to make Homemade BBQ Sauce| Honey BBQ Sauce

Today’s video I’ll show you how to make a Delicious and tasty BBQ chicken wings. Juicy, spicy and soft this BBQ Chicken Wings is the perfect meal for summer and I’m sure that even if you don’t like BBQ Sauce, like me 😬, you’ll love this BBQ chicken Wings recipe. Hope you try it! Let’s go with the ingredients:

BBQ Sauce:
– Sugar x 1 tbsp/ Sucre x 1 càs
– Ketchup x 100g
– Vinegar x 1 tsp/ Vinaigre x 1 càc
– Honey x 1 tsp/ Miel x 1 càc
– Salt & Pepper / Sel & Poivre
– Garlic Powder x 1 tsp/ Ail en poudre x 1 càc
– Paprika x 1 tsp/ Paprika x 1 càc

– Wings x 1/2 kg/ Ailes x 1/2 kg
– Salt & Pepper/ Sel & Poivre
– Chili powder x 1/4 tsp / Chili x 1/4 càc
– Garlic x 1 clove / Ail x 1 gousse

Flour mix :
– Flour x 1/2 cup/ Farine x 1/2 tasse
– Cornstrach x 2 tbsp/ Maïzena x 2 càs
– Salt & Pepper / Sel & Poivre
– Paprika x 1/2 tsp/ Paprika x 1/2 càc
– Chili powder x 1/2 tsp/ Chili x 1/2 càc

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