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The Ultimate Air Fryer Wings with Vodka Ginger BBQ Sauce Recipe!

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Video Transcription

what’s up YouTube welcome to anotherepisode of cooking with anything todayI’m gonna be invisible today we’re atleast you won’t be able to see my facetoday so we’re gonna airfryer somechicken wings today let’s get startedI’ve already rinsed off our wings let’sgo ahead and start out with us somegarlic infused olive oil I’m gonna putmaybe like a tablespoon we’ll buy alittle bit half of a teaspoon just sothey won’t stick and mix that around andI figured out some what I think it’sbetter they actually put the whole onyour chicken first before you put theseasoning on yeah so that’s somethingthat I’ll figure it out alright nextwe’re gonna go to some lemon pepper andthen pepper is in the mix test thenumber one Nixon I had I ever missmushroom powder contestant number two Ilove a much more powder right contestantnumber three we’ve got our all-purposeseasonthey don’t have salt in it but it got alot of those stuffing again cayennepepper thyme celery lemon peel oreganoonion powder papa Rico black peppergarlic powder all a little good stuff init I’m gonna put a little bit of morethis one this this ain’t got no saltalright next we’re gonna add some groundcinnamon to the mix a bit of groundcinnamonnot a whole lot well next we got someChipotle and a bit of Chipotle seasoningwe have a little bit of gingerBAM that’s it oh we’re gonna top it offwith some basil we’re gonna garnish itwith it and we put our barbecue sauce onitI got a ginger-infused barbecue ibakasauce if you remember me using on mylast video let’s go ahead and mix allthis together we’re gonna throw it inthe airfryer we’re putting the airfryer400 degrees at UH 30 minutes all rightOh YouTube will not throw them in theairfryer now all rightgoing into the airfryer go ahead getthis bad baby start at 400 degrees 30minutes and then we’re gonna flip him acouple for 15 minutes on one sidecome in and we got we got about what Isee one two three four five six seveneight got two wins you always want tokeep your wings kind of spaced out youdon’t want to stack them on top of eachother because if you do they’re gonnanot cook evenlyso you want to avoid that as much aspossible ma’am we’re going aheadlet’s get the party started all rightyou two let’s see how these wings turnout you know they’re gonna turn out goodhang in there are you to buy wings likegetting ready to come out there maybedown to 30 seconds we’re gonna add thisup this hot Scott Muir ginger Bacabarbecue sauce listen to this stuffright here they claim is perfect forchicken that’s what he got on the frontperfect with chicken we’re gonna put itto the test and seeall right video coming out baby thereyou goairfryer these chicken wings they’recooked a little different from the otherones I had was they were bigger or likethey try he’s trying to stick a littlebit see why it’s pretty hot right now Ihad some rolls I was gonna eat I gothungry I already ate okay I don’t havetime to wait he’s not the best lookingI’ve cooked better a chicken wing babywe are done that’s all that matters andthey’re not fine that residue off of theskin and the meat that’s dip this stufffrom your chicken whatever you cooklet’s go ahead and add us and good oldsauce to the mix you know a sauce to itmakes[Music]way down south yeah and look good on theYouTube that look goodall right about to eat snack on my wingsthank you guys for watching stay tunedfor the next video peace out

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