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I Scream for Burgers
Kardea Brown loves being an auntie, so she invites her brother Quan and his kids over to help her in the kitchen. She cooks up Smash Burgers with the Works and adds a twist with Avocado Fries. Then, Kardea makes homemade strawberry ice cream and two desserts with her nieces and nephew, Strawberry Crunch Bars and Very Berry Ice Cream Floats. This is a meal everyone will love, no matter how grown up!

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Delicious Miss Brown Show Summary

Born and raised on the Sea Islands of Charleston, South Carolina, cook and caterer Kardea Brown grew up in a big family with a love for food, especially the cherished recipes they passed down from generation to generation. She began cooking as a child in her grandmother’s kitchen, where she learned to make the traditional dishes of the region. In Delicious Miss Brown, Kardea shares the family events, culture and recipes close to her heart – including Sunday supper after crabbing on the dock, a low country boil at the beach and shrimp boating to prepare for the ultimate Shrimp Fest.

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