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Epic!! Birria Roasted Turkey Recipe | Birria de Pavo | How to cook a Turkey

Hello & welcome! In today’s recipe, I’ll be showing you how to cook a Birria Turkey! Yes, Birria roasted turkey! This is a “Views Original Recipe”. I’m super excited to guide you through a perfectly roasted, juicy, bursting with flavor turkey w/ a bonus Birria gravy recipe, and💥 Boom Done! Please take a look below for the ingredients and tips. I’ll also link a step by step Turkey recipe that goes over many details. Lost of love, Stephanie and, Cloud💕
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THE BEST Juicy Turkey Recipe –

Bake temperature 325 degrees
Cook time for 13-pound turkey as suggested on label 4 1/2 hours
* In the last 45 minutes uncover turkey and continue roasting until you achieve the golden turkey color we all love

13-pound turkey (Favorite brand is Norbest Turkey)
2 to 3 cups chicken broth (canned or fresh)
2 Large Oranges
1 large cinnamon stick (If you love the cinnamon flavor in proteins go with extra 😁)
1 large onion or 2 small
2 Garlic heads
10 bay leaves
10 carrots
10 guajillo chiles
2 Tbsp chicken bouillon
1/2 stick melted butter (for coating before final 45 mins cook time)

*split garlic, bay leaves, guajillo chiles, carrots, and onions in have
-Place half ingredients in the turkey cavity and save the rest for the tray as shown in the video recipe

Turkey Sauce
1 cup Mayonnaise (Hellmann’s)
1 stick melted butter (salted)
1/3 cup of Birria chili oil (Birria oil recipe- )
2 tsp salt (Himalayan) table salt use 1 tsp (or 1/2 tbsp chicken bouillon : )
3 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

Birria Gravy
2 to 3 cups turkey broth
2 Tbsp AP flour
2 Tbsp butter
Optional- guajillo Chile, carrot, onion, garlic (Blended into a puree for added thickness and flavor)
If you don’t like sweet thick gravy- Keep the carrots out 🥕of the blended puree (You know Cloud tried LOL )
For a light savory gravy- Blend guajillo chiles and garlic with 1 cup broth
*The Birria turkey broth is amazing on its own- and if you choose to skip it all and just add broth, I promise the flavors are magical 💖!

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