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HOW TO COOK: Stuffed Turkey Wings In A Gravy

Hey guys today we’re going to show y’all how to stuff and smother some turkey wings. Hope y’all enjoy and like always please like, subscribe, and share.

Thanks again to Terry and the Zydeco Bad Boys for letting us use their music!

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Video Transcription

what do you do while we’re doing thebaby doing a test one test test mighttip they’re no different man just comingclose for a while[Music]come on YouTube how we doing todaygood morning got our special guest mr.Clair is good akaJesus that’s why we do italright well we got you today somestuffed turkey wingsit’s probably my most favorite mealthere Clarence cooked so I asked him tocome out here cooking for us today showeverybody how we do our stuff what wehave the station and we’re gonna bring alittle flavor to it but some appliancescooking not always some Catholic okaywell we’re gonna bring some gets up herebring I bring out the best of what theyhave to do share what everybodyworldwide right so I’m gonna turn youover to Jeezy right here we had quite afew calls this morning we got a roll intheir bucket so we had to start cookingearly as you can see this is alreadymoving but we’re going to show you howwe caught them and stuff these turkeywings and i’ma turn it all over to CDslook this is what we started right herethis is what we started we don’t stopand we don’t end up here but I’ll find aprocess a 5k go in there right herestuff so what we gonna do is first ofall when you get these here these checktakeaway you want to cut these offbecause I’m in fact on my ass our chefCoby been there since being cut needsright here cut them off with my cutterone for you if you don’t cut them offand what I’m gonna do is I’m athese and i’ma show you I’m gonna stuffthese with the seasoning and that’s howwe’re gonna get to this process righthere in this pan so let me get thatknife right here which one you use hereyou okay first of all you want to cut alittle slit in the top of your wingslike this and all of okay then we got wegot our Trinity right here and we usethe captain Coley baby seed we mix itall here together and always go just asimple process don’t stuff them in herelike thiswe’re good whatever you have on what youwant in there stop it in there and thisbrings a lot of flavor to your turkeyand we want you all get it stuff prettygood especially that season man thisstuff comes out real goodnot much you’ll need that much in thereall right we got that in there like thatstuff and now we’re gonna squeak alittle of Kaplan Kovach seasonal okaywe’re gonna pull it Kaplan Kobe seasonon this yearbring your like that we don’t be shotwhat you see then you know you can rubit on there real good it don’t be shotwith it cuz I like I like my stuffseasoned very well down him softly downabout where Houston Texas when I’mseason that real good and check this outthat’s how your first turkey wing comesout stuck just like that look how prettythat isokay all right well we’ll see GZ overthere cutting up those stuff with thoseturkey wings and seasoned up for us I’llshow you the trick right here with theseturkey wings it’s very hard to cut theseturkey wings so what you want to do isyou’re gonna have to cut this open righthere and you want to get to the top ofthis off and when you bend this open yousee a little hole if you don’t get inthis crack it’s gonna be very hard tocut through this anyway it’s gonna behard anyway you’re gonna have to get inthat thing and then you gonna press firmon it one good push to do it if youdon’t if you just sort of come in themiddle and you don’t find that crackyou’ll be chopping on this bone for aminute okay so again we’ll show youwe’re gonna cut it come to the top whenyou open it up you see this hole that’swhat we want to be okay knife in hereplease down put horn cutthere we go that simple right that’swhat we always BG so you noticepreviously what we did we got it stuffthat we got it readywell this is the next step we doinggonna put it in the magnetite right hereand what I’m doing I’m bombing you seemy palms out we brown themso after you brown them real gooddecided for the look see that whateveryou do it upst. pastas ready so what I’m gonna donow think these are pretty much brownI’m gonna take them off the pot okay andyou can know where your wings have agood good browning on it can you seethis here Brown here this earring onhere they not burnt that’s just how youstill to flavor in and they holdtogether real well once you put them inthe pot and you put you there brave inthat it all together real well with theseasoning on all right we’ve got a lotof people needing today we got a lot ofturkey wings to stuff when we are rightin behind the time right here so gonnaget things rolling boy in i’ma help oldShep Jeezy out or what Hannah stuffthese wings for[Music][Music]right now listen I want to I want tokind of touch base with John a littlebit a lot of people would they use theirTrinity what we call Trinity’s onionsbell peppers and garlic New Orleansonions bell pepper and celery we like alittle more garlic down here for myTrinity onion bell pepper garlic nosillyonly my leg so you put serenity yeah andagain we’ll see Jesus right we doesthese heavy we like them to cook we likeour full season good get your good gravywith that that’s how we should look allright we’re gonna let see how we cook itwe got one bad brown they’re pretty goodand you see how that looks that’s how wewant to look what we get a brown righthere we got another Bad’s going on inthere and then we’ll fill us up withthose all right and you can tell wefeeding a lot of people with you alwaysdo get everybody little cups of coffeespoons to look at everybody level thoughsee Jesus going to so we collaboratetoday I like it what we want to do is asyou can see right here we have a best ofbaby lima beans we’re gonna do a side Iknow I’m gonna do a side with a maindish but for today’s show we’re gonnatry something a little different and wedo a side with a manger so what I wantto do here is dump these beans in hereoh alright alright these are some verytasteful beans right here there’s nogood with anything baby llamas that’sright I love lima beans a lot of peopledon’t like lima beans but if you get thebabies they’re not as I don’t knowthey’re not as hard you don’t take itfrom the cookie there’s right so what wewant to do a muffinadd a little sausage do these up alittle bitjust for no flavor and of course spaceyour favorite some smoked turkey neckwe’ll get this going thatall right now what we’re gonna do forthe little added smoke right here wehave some smoked sausage doesn’t matterwhat kind you get sabor we saw rapidoI like them all sometimes we switch themup just for different flavors today wehave some resourcehi I’m like my spicy all right so we’llget these cut up in just a secondwell that’s cooking probably got thissausage cut up we’re gonna dump that inhereokay all filed flavor and listen if youwant to you don’t have to but instead ofwasting this turkey tip right here it’smostly fat a much meaner than any waybut go ahead and dump that I’m here forthe added fat all right so we’ve gotbaby llamas smoked turkey necks smokedsausage and turkey wing tips proper thebest lima beans you ever had in yourlife don’t believe what we can try okaywell pour some more these out and letyou see what’s in the bottom of this potright here okay see this stuff here thiswhat makes you a hell of a gravy righthere yeah we call that the Grebe’s rightthe goody means yes some greenies on aMcGee class oh okay you order this yeahI don’t know water that loosen it up[Music]that’s getting already and listen thisis just the natural flavor and thenatural to tasting juices from theturkey we don’t have no boobs we don’thave no artificial flavors nothingstraight-up meat seasoning onions bellpeppers and lettuceunbeliev and they gonna make theseturkey lips are making a little morebrain and once you start cooking themand put them all in a pot hit produceeven one which fightwe do a lot of first day work for theUniversity of Louisiana Lafayette orback in the day we called a USL and yousee we have our ragin Cajun cup you knowmr. Paris Glenn right here was afootball player from oh you SL rightthat’s right you had to recruit a guyout of a Houston Texas concrete jungleyeahbrought him over here to play footballfor us they never left that’s the kindof stuff Cajun food does for you rightthen feed you in keep you here keep youhere baby or to keep you here and womento keep you here all right all right weglad is here no we love them we lovethem over here the fire department isover here my sister station station fourwe drove together for many years wefought a lot of files togethermy best friend buddies all right allright everybody we’ve been that justabout an hour here Brown that’s a lot ofturkey wings we’ve been brown in thisway and check our progress see how welook hmm look at it on that is gorgeousoh and don’t forget now not to cut youoff there captain Colby all rightwhenever you are you browning your foodand whether you put you see always tasteyour gravy you might want a little moresalt a little pepper a little seasoningI agree you’re not a cook or a chef ifyou don’t taste your food that’s rightall right and while we’re cooking righthere let’s check on our beans oh yeahthis makes your all this flavor togetheris gonna be pronounced no doubt oh mygod right phenomenalall right they’re not a waterboy add alittle water that is goodput yourself in this Cupcrime a cup of water out there why did Ijust get rolling again down I gotta getsome dough I gotta use it in swimming onwhether the output is so in a wholeworld I have it but your season isreally really good he got that good kickto it whatever you’ll not only have alot of hot sodium in it so I’m gonnahave to start using it more addresssausage that would be right like sinceyou got it you know fish you just don’tput it together you know we don’t get itout there make it work all right let’scrash this up one more time and you dropeverything in there see if we got anyhot spots there we go let me show you alittle hot spot right here we have toknow hot spot right how we take care ofthat my way just don’t burn on thebottom let’s go ahead just a little bitoh when I just kind of cook up a littlebit give us some breathing man all rightthis is what I like to do when I do myknuckle on one side and then we’re gonnaput us and put us on my wings on thisoffI’m stuck I’m in the booth we can fit itallooh somebody I’m with it under there toomuch haven’t we keep it on the oven onFriday night all rightsomebody without using some time outtilt what I’m doing it you get all thatone side I’m gonna do then later on youwill add your little water yeah that’swhat make it it’ll be goodalways always that good flavoralright we’re gonna do is go ahead andfill this up with water as y’all can seewe got it we got enough turkey wings tofeed our army right here I don’t knowfor my army almond butter almond farmand I can tell you that definitely neverknow when the big one’s gonna come yougot it be well this ain’t even cookedtogether look at that gravy already sowhat we can do I mean what we can do nowwe can let this sit on the stove andsimmer a little while and throw them inthe oven or you can put your oven onabout 450 and let them cook in yourlover you want to sit down and watch thegame or something just throw them in theoven but if you got time just let themsit on the stove and put them in theoven about 30 minutes and that’s gonnatenderizeall right off the bone and you’ll beright at home so we’re gonna put the topon and let it simmer a little while onceit starts Emma will show you my dragdown capital Colbert sirlike that look at that season even onthe top of the pot it’s so good thissometimes captain Colby better cookstuff from the house on ensi duty is Ilike all right like I said earlier weare doing some new things bud 2020 2020who’s gonna add and guest to our showright here and I hope y’all notice thisenough but I have a brand new rollingcooktop but I can roll out just aboutanywhere as you can see we cooking anapparatus long a day and uh I built itmyself and I didn’t film it I did kindof film it by myself while I wasbuilding thiswe’re gonna put that out here probablywithin a month to show you how we builtit I’m not quite finished the backsideeverything but I was ready to startcooking and I had my guests ready tocome talk of it right so uh I hope youlike itI’m gonna get a good shot of it at theend kind of show you what it all lookslike without always a mess on verynervous like it gets very nice love it Ilike a man of many talents been tryingto tell me all right everybody we got itall finished up come on get it close upin here good that’s hot beautiful lookat this gravy glance you did a fantasticjobmm-hmm look at our beans right herelittle even that is that and we added alist of other cabbages because yeah welike smother cabbage right look so plantsomething that should make you platefirst since y’all especially yesterdaywhat I’m gonna put me a little gravy onhere I’m gonna dig down and give me someone he reads deep now you gonna ask meto be me wet it up get a little wetright there but I’m gonna grab me one ofthese thing I need to grab two or threebut I’m just gonna grab one right nowput it on top of there like that get youlittle being is how you put in the beansright herenow make sure you get to the sausage inthat – to be oh I did Turkey and theplane we turban it already got someturkey necks a little cabbage myfavorite I love Kevin I love captainCole his calves they are all straightphenomenal big chunky fantastic wouldyou get a good shot at is he like RudyLord blessed all right thank God forwatchingSione’s week see y’all in the kitchen GZout thank you for joining us todaywe’re gonna

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